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WINBACK v3.1c - Complete Windows Backup/Restore program.

Full Description of File

WINBACK 3.1c v3.1c - The perfect Windows
backup program for the home computer user.
Easy to use, no technical manuals to read
or cryptic commands to memorize. Totally
mouse driven Windows interface. Includes
functions for backing up your complete hard
drive or Single program directories.
File Copy function can be configured to backup
all your vital windows system files along
with all work files from any program.
Auto Restore disk will restore your programs
to any formatted hard drive, even an empty one.
Needs VBRUN200.DLL and DOS 3.x to 5.0
By Hal Jurcik / HalDen Software

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WINBACK v3.1c – Complete Windows Backup/Restore program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 613 385 deflated
SETUP.EXE 16928 9254 deflated
SETUP.LST 29 29 stored
SETUPKIT.DL_ 3657 3499 deflated
SS3D2.VB_ 44078 42843 deflated
SW.EX_ 26034 25053 deflated
THREED.VB_ 31220 30219 deflated
WB1.PI_ 207 207 stored
WB2_BACK.DA_ 32 32 stored
WB31C.EX_ 39081 37189 deflated
WB3CONF.DA_ 212 212 stored
WBCOPY.PI_ 203 203 stored
WBR.PI_ 202 202 stored
WBSETUP.EX_ 10773 10444 deflated
WINBACK.HL_ 32126 30788 deflated
_READ1ST.TXT 1047 509 deflated

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Contents of the _READ1ST.TXT file

Welcome to WinBack 3.1:

WinBack 3.1c brings the power and ease of use features of
the windows environment to a new back up system eliminating
the need to go back to the DOS command line.

WinBack needs the file VBRUN200.DLL available separatly.
Make sure this file is installed in your Windows directory
before you install this program.

*******************Installation is simple:************************
* *
* Assuming you are installing from drive A: *
* From the Program Manager choose File and Run from the menu. *
* In the dialog box type "A:\Setup.exe and press OK. *
* The setup program will copy all files to their appropriate *
* directories and create all necessary program groups and icons. *
* *

WinBack 3.1 uses the DOS files:

These files need to be in your DOS directory
for this program to work properly.

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