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GIF file viewer for Windows.
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GIF file viewer for Windows.
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This is rlease 1.2 of my Windows image file viewer. This version
contains bug fixes over 1.11 and adds the capability to use a full
256 colors (full palette) when a 256 color windows driver is used.

It will read windows bitmap files (.BMP, .DIB, .RLE) and GIF files. It
can be used to convert GIF files to windows wallpaper by saving the gif
as a .BMP file. You can also copy the image and paste it into other
Windows applications.

Now you can load an image in any format (such as PCX) that your windows
paint program supports into your windows paint program and copy it and
paste it into BBView. Remember to paste the palette also (see menu).
You can then save it in the GIF format.

BBView saves each image it loads from a file in discardable memory.
This means if you want to see an image you've already loaded, you don't
have to wait for it to be decoded again. If the system gets really low
on memory, it will discard these images and BBView will have to load
them again. BBView discards them automatically when you quit from it.

This version, 1.2, is FREE. I hope to improve it by adding a slide show
capability, PCX and TIFF format support, and speed enhancements. The
enhanced version will be shareware and sell for $15 or $20. Again, this
version is FREE. I would like to hear from anyone who uses it, and I
would like to find out what features people want in a Windows gif viewer
so I can put those features in the shareware version.

My Compuserve ID is 73020,3442

My Internet email address is [email protected]

I hope you like my program.

Bailey Brown, Jr.

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