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Quick exit icon for Windows 3.1.
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Quick exit icon for Windows 3.1.
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Download File WINEXIT3.ZIP Here

Contents of the WINEXIT3.WRI file

1+- - -Win Exit V3.0- - -


1). Windows Version 3.1 or higher

2). The file VBRUN200.DLL, installed in your Windows\System directory (all Visual Basic programs require this, you may already have it and if you don't you will probably want / need it sooner or later).


1). Make a new directory named "WinExit3" and copy WinExit3.EXE (and optionally WinExit3.wri to it) You may copy these files to your Windows directory if you wish.

2). Create a new program item (see your Windows documentation) for Win Exit 3.0.

3). If you want to start it each time you use Windows include it in the STARTUP group.

The files that are included in the package are
as follows :

WinExit3.wri.............This file.


Once the program is loaded and on the screen just DOUBLE CLICK on the EXIT ICON on the bottom right side of your screen, you have 5 choices...
1) Exit Windows
2) Restart Windows
3) Reboot your computer
4) Cancel
5) Unload WinExit from memory

Also you have a choice to keep it always on top.

Have fun and Please Registered.........

Thank You

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