Dec 052017
"Block Breaker" game for Windows STANDARD Mode.
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“Block Breaker” game for Windows STANDARD Mode.
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BLOCKE.HLP 8843 5419 deflated
BLOCKE.TXT 396 256 deflated
FRUITSE.BLC 2125 592 deflated
NEXTE.BLC 2125 534 deflated

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Contents of the BLOCKE.TXT file

Block Breaker Version 2.1E

To install Block Breaker, choose 'Register' from Program Manager Menu on MS-Windows 3.0.
Block Breaker will not run under real mode. Standard mode is recommended rather than 386 Enhanced mode. To run by standard mode, invoke Windows by 'win /s'.
This is shareware. Please refer to Help after invoking Block Breaker.

Yutaka Emura

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