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MS-Windows icon to show free disk space.
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MS-Windows icon to show free disk space.
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Contents of the FREEDISK.DOC file

FREEDISK.C -- Free disk space application for Microsoft Windows
Written by Harold Long
Adapted from "FREEMEM.C" uploaded by Charles Petzold

This is another little program, based on the "Free memory space" article
presented in the March 1987 issue of Microsoft Systems Journal. It is
not quite as short as FreeMem, but still only requires 6 K of memory when

It displays in the icon area the number of free bytes (up to 9999 Kbytes
and then 2147 Mbytes, at which point the 32-bit arithmetic will roll over
and tell you that you now have negative disk space) of the disk which was
the "default" when FreeDisk was started. Multiple copies may be run,
each pointing to a different disk, if you want. The size is checked once
a second and the window repainted only if the number is different from
the previous count.

It may be useful for development programmers, alerting the user when
a WinApp runs away with the disk. Otherwise, it's another neat program
for us speedometer freaks.

Source code is included, as well as a complete runtime version number
chart embedded in the source comments.

Harold Long
>The Grey Mouser<

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