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GIF/PCX/MSP Graphics file viewer that requires Windows.
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GIF/PCX/MSP Graphics file viewer that requires Windows.
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Contents of the GCP420.DOC file

GCP (tm) version 4.20SW
a program for displaying, manipulating and converting picture files
copyright (c) 1987-1989 Doren Kim Levitt
a quality product from Synergistic Enterprises (tm)

GCP* is a Microsoft Windows* program for displaying, manipulating and
converting various format picture files. It is designed to work on any
system which is running Microsoft Windows, versions 2.03 and up. An EGA
or VGA resolution display adapter and a high speed 80286 or 80386 system
is recommended but not required. Memory requirements vary depending upon
the type of picture file being displayed. At least 640K is required,
with additional EMS v4.0 memory recommended, especially if you will be
displaying and/or converting color pictures. (NOTE: GCP does not
directly use EMS or extended memory, as the memory bitmaps used by GCP
(as of Windows v2.10 anyway) are stored only in the lower 640K. I
believe that virtual memory and/or device-independent color bitmaps
using expanded and/or extended memory will be forthcoming in Windows
v3.xx and therefore am waiting for the next Windows release to address
memory usage problems. In the meantime, reduce your use of the lower
640K as much as you can to give GCP as much elbow room as possible if
you are handling large color bitmaps. EMS and extended memory (XMS.SYS)
usage by Windows can free up more of the lower 640K memory space for

Since GCP is a Windows application, it features a standard Windows
graphic user interface with pull-down menus, scroll bars, dialog boxes
and multiple instance support. In addition to full support for use with
a mouse, accelerator keys are provided to facilitate quick use by
keyboard for experienced users. A mouse is currently required in order
to select regions of pictures for copying to the clipboard, but is
otherwise not required. (File display and format conversions can be done
using only keyboard commands.) If you have Microsoft Excel, GCP can be
used in conjunction with it to display pictures related to records in an
Excel database.

GCP is available in two versions, a shareware version (currently
4.20SW), and a professional version (4.20). The only difference between
the two currently being that the professional version supports more file
formats (four more currently). Registered users of the shareware version
receive a manual and a license number which disables the "reminder box"
on startup. The professional version comes packaged with a disk and
manual and a binder (and there is no "reminder box", of course).

Current picture formats supported by GCP (both versions) include:

Microsoft Windows* Paint (old and new formats)
Macintosh* MacPaint & StartUpScreen
CompuServe GIF*
PC Paintbrush*

In addition, the professional version of GCP also supports:

Windows Bitmap
Windows Cursor
Windows Icon
Hewlett-Packard* PCL Files

PCL files can be used to build graphics and logos for Hewlett-Packard
LaserJet and compatible laser printers.

GCP can also read black and white and color bitmaps from the Windows
clipboard. Every one of these formats can be read in and the result can
be written out to any format desired. Pictures or portions of pictures
can also be copied into the clipboard for pasting into other Windows
applications such as Microsoft Windows Write or Aldus PageMaker*.

GCP also allows you to "stretch" or "shrink" pictures from one size to
another. You can also "invert" portions or all of the screen image.
Using the copy and paste and invert features in conjunction with the
stretch and shrink option allows you to manipulate pictures to fit a
particular size or shape, aspect ratio or polarity.

Future enhancements for GCP will include support for more file formats,
more conversion options, full keyboard support for non-mouse Windows
systems and more. Registered users will be notified of updates as soon
as they are available. Users interested in particular formats or
features are encouraged to send in their ideas for possible inclusion in
future releases.

GCP is not copy protected, nor does it require any special installation
procedure. It does require that Microsoft Windows v2.03 and up be
installed and working on your system. (Refer to the Windows
documentation for information on using the Windows SETUP program to
install Windows.)

Since GCP is a Windows program, it really doesn't need any documentation
in order to start using it. Just start it up and pull down the menus to
see the main functions. The basic idea is that you open a picture file
of one format, and then you can either directly save it into another
file format, or else copy part of it to the clipboard, then paste the
piece in and save that. The .GIF file support is very slow and will stop
everything else when you are opening or saving a .GIF file, but
otherwise the program is pretty much bug free. (DO send in your
registration fee and get the manual, however, it will explain a few
things and make using GCP even easier.)

The shareware version (4.20SW) of GCP is released for distribution on
bulletin boards and public access data networks and may be freely
distributed as long as the program and accompanying document files are
included with it. Users of the program are expected to pay a
registration fee. (See below for details.) Inquires concerning "bundling
arrangements" or publishing of the professional version of the program
should be directed to Mr. Kim Levitt at the address listed below.

If you use GCP and would like an illustrated manual to explain how more
about how to use it, (and a license number to disable the "reminder
box"), please send a registration fee of $40 made payable to
"Synergistic Enterprises" to: (see price schedule below)

Synergistic Enterprises
8033 Sunset Blvd., #975
Los Angeles, CA 90046

If you use GCP, PLEASE register it!!! I have invested a lot of money and
time in working on this program but have received very few registrations
to date. Your registrations will help encourage more improvements and
more features. You will also get a manual which may answer a lot of your
questions and help you use GCP more effectively.

For an additional $20, the professional version of the program is
available which does not have a "reminder box" at all and it also
supports four more file formats (listed above) than the shareware
version, and comes packaged in a nice binder.

If your company requires a bill in order to make a payment, there is an
extra $5 charge for billing services. Send a purchase order for $45 (or
$65) and we will bill you. (See price schedule below.)

GCP is a program still undergoing improvement, with plans for future
releases. If you are a registered owner, you will be notified of updates
as they become available and will be able to upgrade for a reasonable

IMPORTANT NOTE: GCP was formerly named "Easel*". The name was changed
because another company produces a computer software product named
"Easel" and has registered that name as their trademark. If you have any
versions of the shareware program named "Easel" from Synergistic
Enterprises which was previously distributed, PLEASE DELETE THEM. GCP is
an update to this older program, and should replace the old "Easel"
programs in any case.

CURRENT GCP PRICE/UPDATE SCHEDULE (subject to change) as of 06/17/89:

Shareware Version (manual & reg #) ............... $40
Shareware Version with disk (& manual & reg #) ... $50
Professional Version (disk, manual & binder) ..... $60

Update from Easel Shareware to GCP Shareware ..... $10
(For new manual only. Previous registered users of
Easel can update to GCP Shareware for no charge.)
Update Easel Shareware to GCP SW with disk ....... $20
Update Easel Commercial to GCP Professional ...... $25
Upgrade Easel Shareware to GCP Professional ...... $45

(If you are sending in for an update or upgrade, be sure to include a
copy of your registration.)


C.O.D. Shipping .................................. $ 5
International Shipping (no Int'l COD's, sorry) ... $ 5
Purchase Order billing fee (non prepaid orders) .. $ 5

(International customers: Please make payment in US dollars drawn on a
US bank. Items shipped via international air mail.)

* GCP & Synergistic Enterprises are trademarks of Doren Kim Levitt.
Microsoft and MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
GIF and Graphics Interchange Format are trademarks of CompuServe, Inc.,
an H&R Block Company. PC Paintbrush is a registered trademark of Z-Soft
Corporation. Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc. IBM is a
registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
PageMaker is a registered trademark of Aldus Corporation. Hewlett-
Packard is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company. Easel is a registered
trademark of Interactive Images, Inc.

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