Dec 142017
File Magician V3 - very configurable Windows file manager.

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Join the EXCITEMENT, Dl File Magician V3
Its the New Age in PC Software. Light
Years Ahead of ANY File Manager & WinZip
type Program. Hundreds of Configurable
Items and Buttons, Dual Font Control,
Task Defined Buttons & Menus, Complete
Palette Control, Config Exchanger, Able
To Zip Files From Multiple Drives and
Directories AT ONCE, Optional Copy with
Compression, Unique Double Click Task
Editor, TOO MUCH More to List. The
Achieved Top Accesses on All Boards for
The Past Month, FMV3 is 123K Larger!!
A Windows 3.1 Application.

File FMV3.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Windows 3.X Files
File Magician V3 – very configurable Windows file manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BULL.PIF 545 141 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 587 406 deflated
FM.EXE 249856 102763 deflated
FORGOT.DOC 691 405 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 3616 1373 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 656 356 deflated
MAGIC.SEL 684 123 deflated
NOTICE.DOC 2073 1063 deflated
ORDER.DOC 2520 1187 deflated
READ1ST.DOC 1334 624 deflated
V3.DOC 78937 25006 deflated

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Contents of the FORGOT.DOC file

So What Have I Forgotten?

Hopefully not too much . File Magician is a huge extremely complex
system of coding.. Its speed and power are mainly contributed to coding that
bypasses Window's Translated functions. I've tested FM every way that I can
think of, but I'm the one that programmed it so.. Any problems that I find
or am notified of, I will at my cost send corrected versions to all paid
registered users of FM. Large Complex programs have been a speciality of mine
for quite some years now so hopefully everything is fine. But I'm sure as hell
not perfect! (GRIN)

Terry Bullard

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