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Switch between video modes in Windows without re-installing video drivers.
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Switch between video modes in Windows without re-installing video drivers.
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1$&&'()*Eschalon Development Inc.
110-2 Renaissance Square
New Westminster, BC
V3M 6K3 Canada
Tel/Fax: (604) 520-1543Product Press Release

WinCLI ProTM - New MS WindowsTM 3.0 Product

Eschalon Development Inc. is proud to announce WinCLI Pro - a revolutionary new command line interface for Microsoft Windows 3. This new product brings an old idea back to the world of windows, icons, mice and program managers. Although GUIs constitute large productivity gains, sometimes there is nothing that can replace the speed of the command line. Most users can type "COPY C:\*.EXE A:\" faster than they can pull out the File ManagerTM. For that reason, we bring you WinCLI Pro.

WinCLI Pro is a complete command line interface capable of running Windows applications as well as DOSTM applications. You can run Notepad, Word For WindowsTM, ExcelTM or any other Windows application simply by typing the program's name. No need for Program ManagerTM groups or fiddling with the File Manager.

Of course you can do more with WinCLI Pro than just run applications. It also includes over 30 file management commands that are built-in to WinCLI Pro (ALIAS, ASSOCIATE, ATTRIB, CD, CLS, COPY, DATE, DEL, DIR, EXIT, FINDFILE, HELP, INFO, LABEL, MEM, MAKEDIR, MORE, MOVE, PATH, PROMPT, RENAME, RENDIR, RMDIR, SYSINFO, TIME, TITLE, VER, VERIFY, VOL, WHICH and many other extended commands).

Since WinCLI Pro is a real Windows application there is no need to shell out to DOS when you want to manage your files. You also do not need to type exit - just use the close box! WinCLI Pro will run in Windows' Real, Standard or Enhanced modes - a 80386TM is not required. You can now run a DOS-like prompt in a window on a 80286TM AT and even a 8088TM PC!

A normal DOS prompt uses 640 Kb all the time - even when you aren't running a program. That means you are wasting precious memory that Windows could otherwise use for your word processor, spreadsheet or presentation program. WinCLI Pro requires less than 40 Kb and only 2-3% of system resources.

A complete programmers interface and full example source code is included (in both Borland C++ and Turbo Pascal for Windows) allowing you to create your own WinCLI Pro commands. Already you can find some third-party and user commands in BBSes and on-line services such as CompuServe.

WinCLI Pro has full clipboard support, a detailed help system, command line editing, command line history, aliases (like DoskeyTM macros in MS-DOS 5.0TM), a scroll-back buffer, selectable font and adjustable colors. Also included in the package is a complete File Manager replacement, settings utility for WinCLI Pro, password system protector, clock & screen saver and various other small utilities.

WinCLI Pro is available for the suggest retail price of only $79.95. For more information or to place your order (dealers and distributors welcome), please contact us at (604) 520-1543, fax or voice.
ncluded in the package is a complete File Manager replacement, settings utility for WinCLI Pro, password system protectoxtpm










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