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File Management for Windows 3.0. Requires Virtual Basic run-time DLL.
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File Management for Windows 3.0. Requires Virtual Basic run-time DLL.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ROCKET4.TXT 1470 767 deflated
ROCKET4S.EXE 53590 25553 deflated

Download File ROCKET.ZIP Here

Contents of the ROCKET4.TXT file

Please Register Rocket 4.0

When you register Rocket 4.0, you will receive free updates, via mail,
for one year! In addition, the registered version of the Rocket EXE
(without the nagware) and full documentation will be sent to you.

Rocket costs $25 U.S. Dollars
Send check to:

Crito Philippatos
317 David Lane
Knoxville, TN 37922 U.S.A.

Rocket was written in MicroSoft Visual Basic, you MUST obtain a copy of
VBRUN100.DLL and place it in your Windows directory for Rocket to work.

BUG Fixes in Version 4.0:

There are too many to elaborate on, my appologies for the previous
versions. SysOps please delete older versions of Rocket. Version 1 and 2
were distributed with VBRUN100.DLL, Version 3 came with brief directions.


1) Yes, I finally put the Source directory first, after being accused of
backward thinking.
2) The *.* Mask now recognizes EXE files and prompts for Parent programs.
3) A Refresh button was added to update directory displays when using
other programs that work with files, like UnZip or File Manager.
4) A Move button was added to copy and delete files in one shot.
5) Snazzy fonts on buttons (I got bored)

As always your comments and suggestions are needed! Write me at above
address or FAX me at (615) 690-8074.

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