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Windows Help Authoring Guide - .doc files only.
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Windows Help Authoring Guide – .doc files only.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
API.DOC 38352 12129 deflated
AUTHOR.DOC 103064 26023 deflated
BAGGAGE.DOC 24171 6658 deflated
CONTENTS.DOC 5877 2665 deflated
CUSTOM.DOC 42444 13759 deflated
DESIGN.DOC 90368 29916 deflated
DLL.DOC 68179 20251 deflated
ERRORS.DOC 109644 26795 deflated
FORMAT.DOC 44516 15004 deflated
GRAPHICS.DOC 64727 20593 deflated
GUIDES.DOC 57545 19180 deflated
HC.DOC 36512 12628 deflated
HLPAPP.DOC 74958 22720 deflated
HOTSPOT.DOC 66443 19759 deflated
HPJ.DOC 72827 22055 deflated
HYPER.DOC 47727 15208 deflated
INTRO.DOC 28453 9642 deflated
MACROREF.DOC 83318 21281 deflated
MACROS.DOC 45204 14681 deflated
MRBC.DOC 18559 7047 deflated
README.TXT 1683 844 deflated
RTF.DOC 153680 41099 deflated
SIMPLE.DOC 47516 14385 deflated
SYSBODY1.DOT 9478 4411 deflated
TOPICS.DOC 59646 18389 deflated
VKCODES.DOC 15454 5613 deflated
WINDOWS.DOC 70022 19855 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

The file WHAG.ZIP contains the .DOC files to the Windows Help Authoring
Guide. It was written by Microsoft, though it was never published
anywhere. It appeared on the Developer's Network CD-ROM as a multi-media
viewer file. After much complaining on CompuServe, the .DOC files were
uploaded there by Emily Brooks of Microsoft (thanks Emily!).

They describe virtually everything you'd ever want to know about how to
create a hypertext file that works with Winhelp.Exe, for either Windows
3.0 or 3.1. You can create a help file that works with an application
you've written, or you can write it as a stand-alone hypertext document.

You should also get WHAT.ZIP which contains tools to help you create
Help. Instructions for using what you find in WHAT are contained within

The file HAG.ZIP contains HAG.HLP. Before MS uploaded the .DOC files, I
copied and pasted the raw text from the multi-media file and reformatted
it as a .HLP file so that it could be used by my department to create
Windows Help files. As soon as I finished, MS uploaded WHAG.ZIP. It was
a somewhat duplicated effort, but HAG does have the advantage of being
online and searchable.

I also added the neat Table of Contents.

There are many, many references to graphics in the both files. However,
since the book was never finished, the graphics were never added and,
thus, there are no graphics to be found. But it works for the most part,
despite the lack of graphic examples.


David DelGreco Tech Writer, Intuit
[email protected] Menlo Park, CA

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