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Ghostscript version 2.5 for Windows. Postscript viewer program.
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Ghostscript version 2.5 for Windows. Postscript viewer program.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

To: [email protected]
Subject: Ghostscript 2.5 upload


I have uploaded to Simtel 20: required files plus examples for gs ver 2.5 gs v2.5 exe for 286 machines gs v2.5 exe with extend. mem for 386/486s gs v2.5 exe for windows additional ps samples not in courier font for gs v2.5 charter font for gs v2.5 utopia font for gs v2.5

This is essentially the same as the official release on, but without the source files and with some
additional .ps examples (in

You must get and one of the other .zip files,
depending on target machine. 386/486 users should definitely get

The 2.4 fonts can be used with 2.5, however the courier,
charter and utopia fonts have been updated and are included in the
posting. contains the uglyr font which will
automatically substitude for missing fonts. Also using using only
the ugly font minimizes the potential for out-of-memory due to using
too many fonts in non-386 versions of the program.

Type gs -h for help and a list of the supported drivers.

Read use.doc in for instructions.

Type gs > foo to redirect errors into file foo to
avoid error messages being printed on screen over the graphics image.

Happy computing... Nate Liskov ([email protected])

Ghostscript 2.5 Release Notice from the author follows:
> From: [email protected] (L. Peter Deutsch)
> Newsgroups: gnu.ghostscript.bug,comp.lang.postscript,gnu.announce
> Subject: Ghostscript 2.5 is released
> Message-ID: <9208182331.0.UUL1.3#[email protected]>
> Date: 19 Aug 92 06:31:25 GMT
> Followup-To: gnu.ghostscript.bug,comp.lang.postscript
> Lines: 67
> To: [email protected], [email protected]
> Ghostscript 2.5 is now released. Highlights of this release include:
> - Use of the 'hints' in Type 1 fonts, which significantly
> improves character quality if you have good fonts.
> (Unfortunately, of the fonts supplied with Ghostscript, only
> Courier, Utopia, and Charter are 'good'.)
> - Nearly complete implementation of the Level 2 PostScript
> filters, including Group 3 and Group 4 fax encodings.
> - An implementation that runs under Microsoft Windows 3.n.
> - Better handling of A4 paper size.
> ... plus the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements. See
> readme.doc in the fileset for a somewhat more detailed list; see the
> NEWS file for a very detailed list. Note that only a subset of the
> available drivers and features are included in the PC executables
> distributed as GNU software: read the individual makefiles to find out
> which drivers and features are included in which executables.
> Ghostscript 2.5 may be obtained from the usual GNU distribution points.
> One good place to get it is*.
> This is a 24-hour access site that allows anonymous FTP and is not
> heavily loaded.
> [ Soon to be at these ftp sites as well. Please try them
> before! thanx -len
>, and (under /packages/gnu).
> For information on how to order GNU software on tape, check
> the file etc/DISTRIB in the GNU Emacs distribution, or e-mail
> a request to: [email protected]
> ]
> Context diffs from Ghostscript 2.4.1 to 2.5 have been provided.
> Ghostscript 2.4.1 has been left on-line; 2.4 has been removed.
> Ghostscript 2.5 includes new Charter fonts, slightly revised Courier
> and Utopia fonts, and a pair of new Cyrillic fonts; the fonts are
> otherwise unchanged.
> Thanks to the many users who reported problems. Special thanks to
> Russell Lang and Maurice Castro for providing the first version of the
> Windows code.
> Suggestions for what should go in Ghostscript 2.6, due for release
> around the end of the year, are more than welcome. The only new
> feature definitely scheduled for inclusion is the ability to use the
> platform's fonts (e.g., the X bitmap fonts) when possible. Leading
> candidates for other features are Type 0 (Chinese/Japanese) font
> capability, the Level 2 'pattern' facility, and a major overhaul of
> the general rasterizing algorithm for increased performance. Please
> send suggestions directly to [email protected].
> I will be on vacation through August 31, and will read e-mail when I
> return.
> L. Peter Deutsch :: Aladdin Enterprises :: P.O. box 60264, Palo Alto, CA 94306
> [email protected], ...decwrl!aladdin!ghost ; 415-322-0103 voice ; no fax yet
> "Implementation is the sincerest form of flattery."

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