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Microsoft Windows 3.1 IBM Joystick Driver. Includes Control Panel calibration utility.

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Microsoft Windows IBM Joystick Driver.
with Control Panel calibration utility.

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Microsoft Windows 3.1 IBM Joystick Driver. Includes Control Panel calibration utility.
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Contents of the JOYSTICK.TXT file

By using the following Windows 3.1 Driver Library
(the "Software"), you are hereby agreeing to the
included license agreement. Please review the

Installing the Joystick Driver
Follow the instructions given in "Installing a
Driver Not Supplied with Windows," in Chapter 5,
"Control Panel," in the "Microsoft Windows User's
Guide." When you are requested to insert the disk
containing the setup information, insert the disk
you made during the downloading procedure, or
type the path of the directory where you
downloaded the driver.

Installation note:
When the IBM Joystick Driver is installed or removed via the
Control Panel Drivers applet, Windows needs to be restarted
before the driver installation/removal is recognized by the
Control Panel.

If Windows is not restarted whenever the Joystick driver is
installed, an information panel indicating "No Joystick Driver
is Installed" shows up when the Joystick applet is invoked.

Joystick Applet
The joystick applet is a utility for calibrating the joystick.
Copy the the joystick applet (joystick.cpl) to the
Windows system subdirectory. This will cause Windows to
create a corresponding joystick icon in Control Panel.

Joystick Performance
The Joystick driver may not produce precise results
on all computer systems. The performance of the
joystick driver is largely dependent upon the device
itself. Microsoft does not guarantee that the joystick
driver will work with all computer systems and/or joystick

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