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Windows Wizzard - Articles for Windows users. 8/92
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Windows Wizzard – Articles for Windows users. 8/92
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Contents of the ALLHELP.TXT file

WinWiz Reader Instructions

Sean Holtz, Publisher

Ariel Vera, Assistant Editor
Norman Johnson, Technical Editor
Charles Tun, Contributing Editor

Welcome to WinWiz, a new magazine dedicated to all the Windows
users around the world. WinWiz can only be successful if you,
the readers, make contributions to the cause! Keep in mind that
WinWiz Magazine is wholly supported by YOUR efforts and
contibutions. More on that later......


Contributions are always welcome to WinWiz in the following

Questions I once heard the only dumb questions are the ones that
& don't get asked. If you have any questions or know some
Answers good answers (we'll make the questions - Jeopardy Style)
please send them our way!

Tech Talk Want to tell Dvorak how it's really done ? We all would
like to know what you know. Please submit any technical
facts you know (even tips & tricks are nice to know).

Letters To Letters to the editor will be accepted from any reader,
The Editor and if space permits, letters will be answered.

Commercial Played any hot new commercial games ? How about the new
Reviews version of Excel for Windows ? Any reviews of these
products will greatly help our readers.

Shareware Games, applications, utilities, graphic programs - there
Reviews are so many new shareware products on the market we would
love to try them all. But we all know it takes time. Good
reviews cut through the flooded market and save time.

Shareware Are you a Windows shareware author? Send your new program
Programs to: The Window Wizard
PO Box 470892
Miami, FL 33247

Include a brief description and we'll include your file in
the next available issue.

Make sure your submissions have been spell and grammer checked, in
pure ASCII text and set in lines no longer than 72 columns, and you're
on your way!

If you have anything you'd like to contribute to us here at
WinWiz Magazine just upload it to your nearest WinWiz NewsStand
and leave a message asking the sysop to send it to us! Or, you can
always call us at our HQ BBS, the central library for WinWiz
magazine at (305) 386-7655 at any time.
(305) 382-8262


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