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Easily make menu bars in Windows 3.X.
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Easily make menu bars in Windows 3.X.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APP1.MBR 420 207 deflated
APP2.MBR 607 280 deflated
BITMAP1.MBR 357 206 deflated
BLANK.ICO 766 151 deflated
CALC.ICO 766 183 deflated
CALENDER.ICO 766 148 deflated
CARDFILE.ICO 639 155 deflated
CLIPBRD.ICO 766 110 deflated
CLOCK.ICO 639 143 deflated
CONTROL.ICO 766 167 deflated
DOS.ICO 766 152 deflated
EDIT1.MBR 577 235 deflated
EDIT2.MBR 471 213 deflated
FILE1.MBR 98 73 deflated
HELP.MBR 608 263 deflated
MAIN.MBR 452 197 deflated
MASTER.MBR 409 186 deflated
MENUBAR.EXE 60928 21055 deflated
MENUBAR.FRM 1669 649 deflated
MENUBAR.ICO 766 239 deflated
MENUBAR.MBR 621 243 deflated
MENUBAR.TXT 24331 8198 deflated
MOUSE.ICO 639 99 deflated
NOTEPAD.ICO 766 187 deflated
NOTEPADS.ICO 766 207 deflated
NOTEPADW.ICO 766 201 deflated
PBRUSH.ICO 766 202 deflated
PIFEDIT.ICO 766 137 deflated
PRINTMAN.ICO 766 113 deflated
PROGMAN.ICO 639 166 deflated
READ.ME 4459 1955 deflated
README.ICO 766 163 deflated
RECORDER.ICO 766 153 deflated
REVERSI.ICO 639 126 deflated
SETUP.ICO 766 176 deflated
SOL.ICO 639 142 deflated
STOP.ICO 766 207 deflated
SUB1.ICO 766 162 deflated
SUB1.MBR 208 119 deflated
SUB2.ICO 766 152 deflated
SUB2.MBR 378 160 deflated
SUB3.ICO 766 165 deflated
SUB3.MBR 98 67 deflated
SUB4.MBR 116 90 deflated
TERMINAL.ICO 766 189 deflated
TEST.MBR 1014 374 deflated
TEST1.MBR 243 105 deflated
TIME.MBR 81 48 deflated
UMAN.ICO 766 169 deflated
WINFILE.ICO 766 111 deflated
WINHELP.ICO 766 201 deflated
WRITE.ICO 766 139 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Menubar Program

This disk provides the basic information needed to utilize version
1.1 of the MENUBAR program to build toolbars within the Microsoft
Windows environment. MENUBAR is a copyrighted product of MRL and
all rights are reserved. Use of this version is allowed for
evaluation only and continued usage requires that the user pay the
registration fees as defined in the companion user manual file. MRL
obligations and warranties are defined in the users manual.
Registration can be accomplished by payment to MRL at 1200
Stonehurst Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, 35801. The register.frm file
provides registration information. Feedback is desireable and can
be made via mail at the above address or via Compuserve electronic
mail to MRL at user id [73637,737].

The MENUBAR program allows users to tailor their Windows desktop
by addition of toolbars that define icons/bitmaps to execute
programs. Multiple executions of Menubar allow for nesting and
display of varying levels of toolbars. This is the second release
of MENUBAR and is designed for usage with Windows 3.1. Improvements
in this version of MENUBAR include:

-Reduction of shareware reminder messages.

-Addition of Caption bar and text options.

-Scrolling on MENUBARs.

-Positioning on MENUBARs by dragging.

-Use of Windows 3.1 standard file open dialogues for

-Addition of MENUBAR commands for execution of predefined
groups of programs or single execution-time program.

-Use of MENUBAR as Windows shell.

All registered users of version 1.0 will receive the update
package. If you are a registered user and have not received this
update (by May 25) please contact MRL. Any menubars created under
version 1.0 should execute properly under 1.1.

Quick start for experienced users:

1)Unarchive files into program directory (e. g.,

2)Run "c:\menubar\menubar c:\menubar\main". This command
may be added to a program manager group. An additional
sample menubars may be utilized by using the same
commands with test or test1.

3)It is recommended that you minimize program manager when
running MENUBAR.

4)See Users Guide for Instructions on setting up a default
menubar and creating/editing your own menubars. Clicking
on the Users Manual icon on the sample menubar displays
the text of the users manual.

5)Although MENUBAR attempts to select a font for all screen
options, the text displayed may not be properly sized
depending on your available fonts. See the users manual
for instructions on changing font characteristics if

This disk contains the following files:

menubar.exe-The MENUBAR program. file.
menubar.txt-User information (in ASCII text format).
menubar.frm-Quick registration form. (or send MC/VISA via
*.mbr-Sample menubar files.
*.ico-Icons for sample menubars.

The software described herein is furnished under a license
agreement. The software may be used or copied only in accordance
with the terms of the applicable agreement. The purchaser may
make one copy of the software for backup purposes. Unregistered
copies of MENUBAR are for evaluation purposes only, and may be
distributed through normal shareware channels. Please distribute
these evaluation copies to other bulletin boards and users.

MENUBAR may be uploaded to and downloaded from commercial
systems such as CompuServe, the Source, and BIX, as long as there
is no charge for the product itself. Those copying, sharing,
and/or electronically transmitting this product are required not
to delete or modify the copyright notice and restrictive notices
from the program or documentation. Any distribution of MENUBAR
must include all files contained in the packed format. Commercial
vendors and distributors of "public domain" or user-supported
software libraries may distribute copies of MENUBAR unless
notified by MRL to cease distribution of the product. Only
nominal fees associated with copying and handling (not to exceed
$5 US) may be charged by anyone providing unregistered copies.
MENUBAR may not be utilized or distributed as a promotion for
any commercial venture.

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