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Printer spooler for Windows.
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Printer spooler for Windows.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Just unzip these files to any directory (we suggest placing them in
your Windows directory) and execute WINSPOOL.EXE.

WinSpool requires VBRUN300.DLL. This file can be found in the
Microsoft Basic forum on CompuServe and should be placed in your
Windows System directory.

You can register WinSpool on CompuServe! The Shareware
Registration ID is 1934. GO SWREG to begin this process.

WinSpool has extensive on line, context sensitive help. This
information is located in the WINSPOOL.HLP file. Just press F1
at any time you are running WinSpool to access help. Even if
you can't get WinSpool to run, you can access this help by
running WINSPOOL.HLP from the Windows File Manager.

Happy Spooling! Contact JCI if you need any help [72607,527].

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