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Macintosh-like desktop/shell for Windows. Shareware.

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Sparta 1.2, Macintosh on you PC!
Sparta replaces the Program and
File Manager with an easy to use
Macintosh like operating environment.
Icons, Drag'n'Drop, Aliases, Network
and CD-Rom support, Small icon views,
Trashcan, etc.

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Macintosh-like desktop/shell for Windows. Shareware.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CTL3D.DLL 19568 9464 deflated
DESKTOP.DLL 7008 3410 deflated
DUSTBIN.EXE 22544 7815 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 238 181 deflated
ORDERING.WRI 3328 1252 deflated
SPARTA.EXE 266256 73914 deflated
SPARTA.HLP 31112 11428 deflated
TRASHING.WAV 10522 4484 deflated

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Contents of the ORDERING.WRI file

1jSparta 1.2 Registration Form/Invoice

When you have registered Sparta you will recieve a new registered version, along with a laser printed manual(if requested), lifetime support and the possibility to upgrade to future versions of Sparta.

Ordering by check/cash:

To order by check/cash send this order form and a check to:

Karl Thoroddsen Gerdakot 4, 255 Bessastadahreppur ICELAND.

Payments must be in a international registered currency dollars, or you can send international postal money orders in your currency.

Your registered version will be shipped the same day.

Credit card ordering:

Please be sure to include your credit card number, expiration date and card name on all credit card orders.

Visa and MasterCard/EuroCard/Access cards are accepted.

Credit card orders can also be sent to Internet address: [email protected]

Site licenses:

A site license for Sparta entitles an organization to receive one copy of the distribution package and duplicate the distribution disk for the specified number of copies.

3.5 inch disks are sent unless a 5.25 inch disk is requested.


Sparta Single Copy____ copies at $29 each =______

Sparta Site License

2 to 9 computers: ____ computers at $22 each =______
10 to 24 computers: ____ computers at $17 each =______
25 to 49 computers: ____ computers at $14 each =______
50 to 99 computers: ____ computers at $10 each =______
100 to 199 computers:____ computers at $7 each =______

(more than 199 copies are negotiable)
Total payment ______

Prices guaranteed through June 1994.

Name: _______________________Date:___________

Company: _______________________________________


City, State, Zip:_______________________________________


Day Phone:_________________Eve:__________________

Electronic Mail address: ________________________________

How did you hear about Sparta? __________________________


Thank you for supporting the shareware concept.
ies are negotiable)
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