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Mortgage Designer 1.3 for Windows. If you are refinancing, check it out.
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Mortgage Designer 1.3 for Windows. If you are refinancing, check it out.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Dear Mortgage Designer user, 18 Jul 1992

This version of Mortgage Designer provides many features to make it easier
to use and more powerful than any mortgage program you may have used in
the past. Version 1.3 adds several new features over 1.2 (see the
Whatsnew.DOC file for a complete listing of new features).

David Black
MaeDae Enterprises



Follow the directions provided with the registered version or make a directory
called MD (for Mortgage Designer) and copy all the files into it. Run MD.EXE
for the main application using the Windows File Manager. You can either
highlight MD.EXE and double click on it or use the run command and specify
the complete path (i.e. C:\MD\MD.EXE).



v1.0 OCT 91 - Initial release of Mortgage Designer for Windows. Provided
mortgage calculations complete with amortization schedules!
Supported easy to use "What if?" calculations.

v1.1 DEC 91 - Added graphic pie charts to several dialog boxes. Added to
and expanded several other areas of Mortgage Designer including
a new "Equity vs Balance" function and "Yearly P&I" function.

v1.2 FEB 92 - Added a graphic pie chart to "What if?" dialog boxes. Speeded
up yearly P&I calculation. Added a database for default loans.
Expanded several other areas of Mortgage Designer including the
repayment option and PITI areas.

v1.3 JUL 92 - Added break even analysis for mortgage refinancing. Expanded
the "What if?" area. Improved the user interface to better
conform to Common User Access (CUA) guidelines. Changed all
menus and keyboard shortcut keys to automatically load when you
load Mortgage Designer (results in faster execution). Many
other touchups and minor enhancements.

Note: Have suggestions for additional features? Write us. We want to
continue improving Mortgage Designer so that it will completely meet
your needs.



Site licenses are available for Mortgage Designer. Site licenses provide you
the low cost and flexibility to use Mortgage Designer to completely satisfy
your mortgage calculation needs. Please contact us for pricing.



Shareware resellers have permission to place Mortgage Designer in their catalog
provided diskettes are not sold for more than $10. We would like your
address so we can keep you updated with the latest version of our packages.
Please send us a copy of your latest catalog and your requirements for us
to be added. We will automatically update you as each new version is
released to ensure you provide only the latest version to your customers.
Send to:

MaeDae Enterprises
5430 Murr Road
Peyton, CO 80831

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