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Sound Blaster Pro drivers for Windows 3.1.
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Sound Blaster Pro drivers for Windows 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUDIO.TXT 1139 568 deflated
CREATIVE.TXT 1277 580 deflated
LICENSE.TXT 2769 1389 deflated
MIDIMAP.CFG 34522 2118 deflated
OEMSETUP.INF 437 252 deflated
SBPAUX.DRV 3936 1936 deflated
SBPFM.DRV 11680 6351 deflated
SBPMIXER.CPL 25792 10607 deflated
SBPSND.DRV 14688 8638 deflated
VSBD.386 5650 1741 deflated

Download File CREAT.ZIP Here

Contents of the AUDIO.TXT file

By using the following Windows 3.1 Driver Library
(the "Software"), you are hereby agreeing to the
included license agreement. Please review the

Installing an Audio Driver
Follow the instructions given in "Installing a
Driver Not Supplied with Windows," in Chapter 5,
"Control Panel," in the "Microsoft Windows User's
Guide." When you are requested to insert the disk
containing the setup information, insert the disk
you made during the downloading procedure, or
type the path of the directory where you
downloaded the driver.

Note: If you are using the IBM M-Audio Sound
Driver and would like the most recent version of
the MIDIMAP.CFG file, do the following:

1. Change to the disk or directory to which you

2. At the MS-DOS prompt, type:

copy midimap.cfg

where is the drive and directory
containing your existing MIDIMAP.CFG file.

This overwrites your existing MIDIMAP.CFG file.
Any changes you have made will be lost.

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