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Windows Wizzard - Articles for Windows users. 7/92
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Windows Wizzard – Articles for Windows users. 7/92
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ART1 1661 620 deflated
ART2 5414 2057 deflated
ART3 18272 6084 deflated
ART4 5064 2457 deflated
ART5 2753 1314 deflated
ART6 2249 1157 deflated
ART7 1650 880 deflated
ART8 2090 1102 deflated
ART9 3290 1164 deflated
SYSOP.TXT 2327 829 deflated
WINWIZ!.CFG 64 62 deflated
WINWIZ!.DAT 501 280 deflated
WINWIZ!.DOC 7847 2380 deflated
WINWIZ!.EXE 88385 84486 deflated
WINWIZ!.LOG 380 125 deflated

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Contents of the SYSOP.TXT file

Window Wizardry SysOp Information

Window Wizardry is a monthly publication aimed at the Windows User. Each
month we'll provide different tips & tricks, software reviews, technical
notes, and Support BBS.

We are looking for new support boards and hope you'll help us. Only 1 rule
must be followed and that is you must include the current version of
WinWiz as an online door choice. A current issue should be carried online for
download also but no demands the choice is yours.

The current version of WinWiz may always be found at Dr Death BBS
(305) 386-7655 or FIDO 1:135/316. Two lines are available here, both 9600 and
one HST. For FREQs use keyword WINWIZ and you'll receive the newest version.
Versions are placed online each month by the 15th for the following months
issue. All concerns, questions, and responses should be directed to the SysOp
on Dr Death BBS. Distributors may also have WinWiz mailed to there choice of
address upon request.

If your interested in helping distribute WinWiz to local boards in your area
please fill out the following information and mail it The Window Wizard.



First Name_____________________ Last Name______________________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________


City__________________________ State_______________ Zip Code___________________

Home Telephone (____)_____-_________


BBS Name_______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number(s)________________________________________________________________

FIDO Address_________________________

Other Address________________________






Would you like WinWiz mailed to your house to save long-distance charges ?

Yes__________ No_____________

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