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Win 3.0 debugging tool - lets you snoop on windows messages and examine windows parameters - from the Microsoft Programmer's forum on Compuserve.
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Win 3.0 debugging tool – lets you snoop on windows messages and examine windows parameters – from the Microsoft Programmer’s forum on Compuserve.
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Contents of the SUPERSPY.DOC file

SoftBlox SuperSpy for Windows 3.0

The SuperSpy Utility allows you to, interactively, find Class
and Instance information on any of the visible windows on the Windows
desktop. In addition it provides for real-time and asynchronous
tracking of Windows Messages sent and/or posted to these windows.
Such messages can be tracked or intercepted by category and/or
whether they were posted to the application queue or sent directly
to the window-procedure. The front-end to the SuperSpy utility
uses our own 3D custom controls.

It is being distributed as free EnjoyWare!

To install Softblox SuperSpy Utility on your computer,
follow these steps:

1. Copy SUPERSPY.EXE to a directory on your system.

2. Copy SBICNTL.DLL to a Windows System directory such as
c:\windows or c:\windows\system


to a directory specified in your PATH.

If you have any of the other EnjoyWare utilities from Softblox
containing a version of our Custom Controls DLL (SBICNTL.DLL),
always pick the copy with the latest date.

3. Install SuperSpy in a Softblox Program Group or in another Program
Manager Group of your choice, using the "New..." selection of the
"File" Menu Item.


alternatively, just run the SuperSpy program from the "Run..."
selection of the "File" Menu Item.

4. Further information on your system setup and on how to contact us
may be obtained from the "About..." selection under the System Menu
for the SuperSpy utility.

Softblox is a firm of intense industry veterans specializing in
providing systems and client-server development tools for the
Windows and OS/2 environments. Special emphasis is on connectivity
issues and high-throughput transaction processing in conjunction
with IBM's VM and MVS host environments including SQL/DS and DB2,
OS/2 DBM and SQL Server. We provide tools for performance monitoring,
active and passive connections using DDE and/or OLE, and
DLL libraries providing Remote Procedure Call capabilitites in
support of dynamic and static SQL access to remote servers/hosts.

Softblox Incorporated
58 Oakwood Road
Huntington, NY 11743
Telephone # (Voice & Fax) (516) 424-8851
CompuServe Acct: 76477,3563

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