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Whoop It Up v3.0 for Windows - attach sound effects to applications and enhance Windows' sound features.
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Whoop It Up v3.0 for Windows – attach sound effects to applications and enhance Windows’ sound features.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AHHHHH.WAV 18904 14025 deflated
AVIFILES.TXT 790 455 deflated
BOING.WAV 7832 3631 deflated
CHORD.MID 132 96 deflated
DRUM.WAV 41070 24697 deflated
LICENSE.TXT 3083 1370 deflated
NEATSTUF.TXT 4136 1991 deflated
ORDER.TXT 2694 1054 deflated
POP.WAV 4486 1770 deflated
ROLL.MID 292 163 deflated
SNDHOOK.DLL 4096 2097 deflated
VAULT.WAV 17780 8821 deflated
WHOOP.EXE 37376 15146 deflated
WHOOP.HLP 4145 2310 deflated

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Contents of the AVIFILES.TXT file


You will notice that the shareware version of Whoop It Up! does not
include any AVI full motion video files. This is because they tend to
get quite large, and we felt that it would be better to include them in a
seperate file. Look for MT-AVI.ZIP for a sample AVI and a GIF file.
These samples are for use with Whoop It Up! and the new Movie Time screen

If you are having a hard time finding this file on your BBS, you can
download a copy from the Starlite Software BBS at 206-437-0116.

You can also get the terrific new Classic Clips CD Rom which includes
over 600 megabytes of AVI full motion video files. See the NEATSTUF.TXT
file for more information about this product.

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