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Home Inventory program for Windows.
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Home Inventory program for Windows.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


Version 1.0

Quick Start Guide

January, 1992


Welcome to QuarterMaster, a shareware home inventory program for Windows 3.0
and above!

This document will give you basic information on installing and using the
program. For full documentation, see the Users' Manual QMASTER.WRI.


QuarterMaster Version 1.0 was written by Kevin McQuiggin. The program is
copyright 1992, but may be distributed as indicated below.

Laura Purcell-McQuiggin, John Schouten, and Mike Harrower assisted the
author by testing the program and making a number of helpful suggestions.


You may freely use and distribute this program under the following

1. If you like the program and find it of value, contribute to it's
development by sending $10.00 to the author at the address listed below.
This will register you as a QuarterMaster user and entitle you to
notification of future upgrades.

2. If you distribute the program you must include all the files in the ZIP
file, including this file.

3. Direct any feedback or suggestions to the author at the address below.
I'll try to fix any reported problems and send you an updated copy of
the program.


I can be reached by any of the following avenues:

CompuServe: CSID 70661,563

Mail: Kevin McQuiggin
5415 Smith Ave.,
Burnaby, BC, V5H 2K5

Amateur Radio: [email protected]#VANC.BC.CAN.NA


The following files are included in the ZIP file:

QMASTER.EXE The main program
QMASTER.INI The initialization file
QMASTER.HLP The help file
VBRUN100.DLL Visual Basic runtime library
SAMPLE.INV A sample inventory file
QMASTER.WRI Users' manual
README.DOC This file


To get QuarterMaster up and running quickly, follow these steps. Read the
users' manual for more detailed information.

1. PKUNZIP the QMASTER.ZIP file into your Windows directory.

2. From the program or file manager, choose File/Run... and specify
QMASTER.EXE as the application name.

3. To set up the program under it's own (included) icon, use Windows Setup
from the Main group and specify QMASTER.EXE as the application name.

4. Use Write to print out the QuarterMaster documentation.

5. Register your copy of the program as stated above.

Thanks for trying QuarterMaster!

Kevin McQuiggin

February 16, 1992.

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