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Latest Windows video drivers for ATI Graphics Ultra Pro cards.
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Latest Windows video drivers for ATI Graphics Ultra Pro cards.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

ATI Technologies Online README.1ST Feb 22, 1993


The drivers enclosed in this archive are designed to run with
Microsoft Windows 3.1 and ATI MACH32 cards.

The supplied drivers are for windows ONLY!

It is important that Windows be previously loaded and your
card configured using the INSTALL program from your existing
ATI Disk1, or in your MACH32 directory.

This is a Offical Release, 1.5(59) and add's additional features
within the FLEXDESK panel including Crystal Fonts and additional
24 bit drivers.


Run the INSTALL.BAT batch file specifying the path to your
Windows directory.



The INSTALL.BAT file will search your Windows directories for
existing ATI Mach 32 drivers and prompt you to Overwrite as
required. Once the files are on your hard disk we can proceed
to instruct windows to use them.


The following procedure MUST be executed outside of Windows and
CANNOT be accomplished through a DOS box.

1) Change to your Windows directory. DO NOT RUN WINDOWS.

Example: CD \WINDOWS

NOTE: If your Windows directory is not C:\WINDOWS, then specify
that path you are using (ie. C:\WIN31)

2) Run SETUP.

3) Highlight DISPLAY on the SETUP menu using the cursor keys and
press ENTER.

4) Using the down arrow key, look through the list of available
drivers. There should be only one driver. ATI mach32 driver
(Both the Crystal Font and MACH32 drivers are now integrated into
the ATI mach32 driver)

5) Highlight the ATI mach32 driver and Press ENTER.

6) Press ENTER.

7) At this point, Setup may ask one of two things:

a) SETUP is asking for a Microsoft Windows disk.
-> Insert the diskette(s) SETUP asks for. Once all
necessary files are copied, SETUP will exit to

b) SETUP will ask whether to keep or replace the current
-> Press ENTER to keep the current driver. Setup may
then ask for Windows diskettes. Insert the diskette(s)
SETUP asks for. Once the necessary files are copied,
SETUP will drop to DOS.

NOTE: If SETUP asks for a Windows disk, be sure to enter
in the input box, the drive in which you have inserted the

Using the MACH32 Utilities

1) Run Windows.

Windows will normally come up at 640 x 480.

2) Locate the MACH32 GROUP, and Double-Click on the README ICON

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this
file, it contains a lot of information, that may save you a
phone call.

3) Click on the FLEXDESK ICON, and select the Help button for
information the panel's usage.

In some case's the initial display may not show the Mach32 Group.
It may be hidden just off the PROGRAM MANAGER's viewing area.
Scrolling across will normally bring it into view.

If still unable to find the Mach32 group:

1) From the Program Manager menu bar, select FILE and then RUN

2) Enter File name as C:\WINDOWS\M32PANEL.EXE
(or applicable Windows Directory)

The Flexdesk panel should now be visible.

3) Click on the HELP button for information on the FLEXDESK
Control Panels usage

4) Use Windows! The driver and it's utilities are now installed!

If you have difficulties or have any questions, please feel free
to call ATI Customer Support for assistance.

ATI Customer Support: (416) 756-0711 9am-5:30pm EST
FAX: (416) 756-0720
Compuserve: GO ATITECH

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