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WinCode 2.3, a Windows utility to UUENCODE binary files as ASCII or UUDECODE ASCII to binary, essential when sending or receiving binaries through a gateway (such as CompuServe/Internet) which only accepts ASCII text.
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WinCode 2.3, a Windows utility to UUENCODE binary files as ASCII or UUDECODE ASCII to binary, essential when sending or receiving binaries through a gateway (such as CompuServe/Internet) which only accepts ASCII text.
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INSTALL.EXE 70912 26553 deflated
INSTALL.HLP 33206 19241 deflated
INSTALL.INF 4766 1872 deflated
README.TXT 11608 4907 deflated
SUM.EX_ 5596 5274 deflated
WCODEDLL.DL_ 64167 61712 deflated
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WINSORT.EX_ 19996 19406 deflated
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ZIPLINK.PI_ 212 212 stored

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Wincode: Multi-Purpose Encoder/Decoder for Windows
(C) Snappy_Inc. (1993,1994)
written by George H. Silva


Files: WINCODE.EXE the main executable program
WCODEDLL.DLL dynamic link library of coding functions
HOOKDLL.DLL dynamic link library of menu hook functions
WINSORT.EXE a companion file-sort utility
ZIPLINK.EXE executable link to PKZIP/PKUNZIP
ZIPLINK.PIF ZIPLINK.EXE program information file
SUM.EXE a BONUS "sum -r/size" DOS utility
README.TXT this file
HELPME.TXT Wincode basics and information for obtaining
INSTALL.EXE the Install/Upgrade program
INSTALL.HLP the Installer HELP file
INSTALL.INF the Installer information file
CHECKSUM.REF checksum reference file


This file contains the following information:

I. About Wincode
II. Wincode Features (very brief list!)
III. Coming Soon
IV. Requirements
V. Installing/Running Wincode
VI. BONUS 'sum -r/size' Utility
VII. Availability
VIII. Other Snappy_Inc. Software
IX. Mailing List
X. Known Limitations
XI. Note to AOL Users
XII. Copyrights

I. *** About Wincode ***

Wincode is a Windows 3.1 program which converts 8-bit BINARY (EXE, COM,GIF,
etc) files to 7-bit ASCII (Text) files (and vice versa) through a process
known as bit-shifting. Wincode currently supports UU/XX and Base64 (MIME
1.0 conformant) coding. This BINARY/ASCII conversion allows you to send and
receive binary files via e-mail or any other ascii-based communications
system. It provides a quick and easy way to distribute programs to people all
over the world (it takes a few minutes, on average, for e-mail to reach across
the world). UUcoding is a common practice on many Internet NewsGroups in which
users wish to exchange binary data. Base64 coding is used by MIME
(Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) conformant e-mail software as a method
for attaching binary data to ascii e-mail. Both methods perform the same
overall function (i.e. allow binary data to be safely transmitted through
e-mail) but require different formatting algorithms. In the future, Wincode
will also support BINHEX coding and *may* even handle the actual "e-mailing"
of the data...

Wincode and the associated executables and DLLs (NOT including the HELP file)
are distributed as FREEWARE. However, we want to make a distinction: the
program is FREEWARE, but it is NOT Public Domain. Snappy_Inc still retain the
Copyright to the source code and to the use and distribution of the program.
The HELP file is available for a small fee ($5.00 US) but is NOT required for
Wincode to function correctly. Ordering the HELP file also entitles you to
future updates and e-mail based support. The $5.00 fee is mainly to offset
development costs and the amount of personal time invested. See below and the
file HELPME.TXT for more information on obtaining support.

Wincode is 100% compatible with all standard UUcoders and MIME 1.0 conformant
software. The MIME (Base64) support was developed under the guidelines of RFC
1521 (September 1993) and is subject to our understanding of the document. We
welcome all comments and error corrections. We have tried to incorporate as
many extra features as possible to make the en/de-coding process painless. The
average user may not need/use all of Wincode's features, but they *are* Free!

NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: WCODEDLL.DLL contains ALL of Wincode's 'working' code
(currently) accessed through 66 functions/procedures. We created this SIMPLE
interface to allow Developers to integrate the Wincode Engine into any
program. We will provide the API and royalty free usage to interested
developers under certain conditions. Please contact Snappy_Inc for more

II. *** Wincode Features (very brief list!) ***

- Full featured Windows 3.1 program
- Easy access ToolBar for hassle-free operation
- Drag and Drop support (use for batch en/de-coding -> Wincode also
allows multi-file selection from File Open dialogs)
- SMART decoding (handles single files, multi-part files, can
determine what is encoded or not, etc. -> see the HELP file for
more information)
- Fully configurable...We're not joking!
- EMBL UUcode compatible
- Supports UU, XX or User defined En/De-coding
- Supports Base64 (MIME conformant) En/De-coding
- Supports En/De-coding to/from the Clipboard!
- Supports automatic ZIP/UNZIP (requires PKWare's ZIP/UNZIP 2.0)
- Application menu hooking option to integrate Wincode's menu
- Includes INSTALL program for upgrades
- Integrated file-sorting companion program (separate
executable for easier upgrading) which handles MANY types
of file header formats
- Multimedia support - see the HELP file for details
- It's ALL FREE...

III. *** Coming Soon ***

- BINHEX en/de-coding support.
- The ability to handle actual "e-mailing" of encoded data files.
- User suggestions...?

IV. *** Requirements ***

- IBM compatible running DOS 3.3 or higher
- 286 or higher processor with at least 2MB memory
- Windows 3.1/3.11 running in standard or enhanced mode
- About 500K of disk space without HELP file (~750K with HELP file)

V. *** Installing/Running Wincode ***

If you have not already done so, expand the ZIP archive into a temporary
directory (or a floppy-disk). Start Windows, select FILE|RUN from Program
Manager or File Manager and type in the full path of the INSTALL.EXE program
(run it). The INSTALL program will copy/expand all the files to a directory
you specify (overwriting older files), upgrade your WINCODE.INI (if you are
running an older version of Wincode) and create a Program Manager Group and/or
icon. See the HELPME.TXT file for basic instructions on using Wincode.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL files (listed above) must be present in the same
directory for Installer to function properly. You should INSTALL first,
then move selected files to directories of your choice (i.e. delete the
README.TXT, place SUM.EXE in your DOS directory, etc.). The install program
uses the Windows LZEXPAND.DLL to decompress and copy the required files. If
you receive any error messages during install, please contact Snappy_Inc for

VI. *** BONUS 'sum -r/size' Utility ***

We have included a small DOS executable which will quickly calculate
UNIX 'sum -r/size' checksums. This program is useful for checking the
integrity of files that have been transferred over communications lines
that are questionable (or, to some extent, checking for virus infections).

Wincode supports both line and/or file Checksum checking while decoding
and will insert Checksums (line and/or file) while encoding. This utlity is
provided as a stand-alone DOS program. For program usage, type 'SUM' (with
no parameters) at the DOS prompt. The included file 'CHECKSUM.REF' contains
the proper checksum values for all of the files in the Wincode package.

VII. *** Availability ***

Recent versions of Wincode (or other Snappy_Inc software) are always
available at the following locations:

- CompuServe (check the WinShare forum; keyword: Snappy, Wincode, etc.)

- America Online (keyword: Snappy, Wincode, etc.)

- The Nebuolic Cheese BBS [SysOp: Stephen Lau]
phone# (415) 949-1788 - located in the Los Altos, Ca. area (USA)
(this is an Official Snappy_Inc. Software Release Site for the West
coast; We're the East coast release site - see below)

- The Internet - OK, so this isn't *very* specific...but, if you have
access to the internet, ARCHIE for:
where "xx" is the version number, i.e. WNCODE26.ZIP for version 2.6

We will also try to upload current versions to:

VIII. *** Other Snappy_Inc. Software ***

We generally develop utility programs for Windows 3.1. We currently have
a handful of programs that we're working on (including a Windows Program
Uninstaller) which we will release as FREEWARE. We welcome all ideas for
future projects.

IX. *** Mailing List ***

We have been trying to maintain a mailing list of all users who have
offered advice, bug reports or helped in BETA testing. Being on this
list entitles you to FREE upgrades (personally e-mailed pre-releases)
and support. (in other words, you don't have to download Wincode from
the Internet or an Online Service/BBS). For more information see the

X. *** Known Limitations ***

1) Network Users: If Wincode is having problems opening and/or finding files
on a networked drive, edit the WINCODE.INI file and change/add the
following line:


This will activate a bypass which allows Wincode to view the file
differently (i.e. not as a "DOS" file). If you still have problems, please
contact Snappy_Inc. with a detailed description.

2) Certain video hardware/software combinations (such as ATI cards/drivers)
are known to cause irregular displays of various Wincode dialogs. Common
symptoms include misaligned text, irregularly spaced progress bars and
"absent menus". The Hooking feature is also not fully supported by all
applications. If you have problems hooking and application, try using the
"Tune.." options. If you experience any other difficulties, please let us
know. These known problems do NOT affect Wincode's coding functionality.

XI. *** Note to AOL Users ***

Here are answers to two common problems experienced by AOL Users:

1) When downloading USENET posts from AOL, be certain that you receive the
ENTIRE message. You do this by pressing the 'More...' button until it
disappears or grays-out. AOL downloads files in 28K chunks and usually
does NOT receive the entire post when you select it. We have been told that
the 'Logging' option is the way to go for capturing LARGE files. For more
info, please contact the AOL support personnel.
2) If you want to Hook the AOL menu, use 'America Online' as the Application
Name (do NOT include the quotes). The point is that there are TWO spaces
between 'America' and 'Online'.

XI. *** Copyrights ***

- portions of this program are copyright (C) 1991,1993 Borland
- Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
- PKZIP/UNZIP are copyright 1989-1993 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved.
- GIF is a service mark of CompuServe Incorporated
- WordPerfect is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc.
- Procomm Plus for Windows is copyright 1992-1993 Datastorm Technologies, Inc.
- Star Trek: The Next Generation is a registered trademark of Paramount

Have fun!

George.--- Snappy_Inc. 😉

Main Internet Address: [email protected] (preferred)
CompuServe: 74640,1647 ([email protected])
America Online: Snappy ([email protected])

[GHS 10/31/94]

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