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Simple, effective program for creating DLL's of all your miscellaneous icons.
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Simple, effective program for creating DLL’s of all your miscellaneous icons.
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Contents of the ICONDLL.TXT file

By James M. Curran


ICONDLL [iconfiles] [/R] [/O] [/?]

ICONDLL is designed to build a Dynamically Linked Library (DLL) out
of a collection of icon files. As a DLL, the single file of icons require
less disk space than the individual .ICO files (usually about half of much).
Also, when changing the icon in the Program Manager, you only have type out
the filename once, and then just keep clicking the "View Next" button until
the right icon appears.

Unlike it's prevoius incarnation, this version of ICONDLL does NOT
require the Resource Compiler (RC.EXE) program, from the Windows System
Development Kit (SDK). In fact, it's completely self contained. It is
however still a DOS mode program, but maybe for version 3.0 I'll make it a
WindApp. The simpliest way to use it is just type "ICONDLL" at a DOS C>
prompt. This will create a file called ICONS.DLL which contains all of
the .ICO files there were in the current directory. If the icon files are
in a different directory or have a different extention, just give that
as a parmeter, eg:
ICONDLL c:\icon\*.icx

To create a file with a name other than ICONS.DLL, use the /O
option, eg
(the space after the /O is optional)

A listing of the files put into the DLL is created. Normally, it's
displayed on the screen. To have it written to a file, use the /R option.
ICONDLL /R icons.txt

All the .ICO files in that directory can then be deleted or archived. You
won't need them anymore.

The first version is this program (which didn't do much by itself, and
needed the Windows SDK) was FREE. However, this program actually does
some real work, and required some actual programming effort on my part.
I really SHOULD charge for it.... OK, how about this.... You can use it
for free, but you gotta say "Golly, James is a nice guy" whenever you do.

This program is provided free, as a public service, by
James M. Curran
24 Greendale Road
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

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