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IconView Windows Icon Manager.

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IconView Windows Icon Manager - Displays 50
icons on one 'page' allowing you to rename,
move, and delete them - or print out a
catalogue of your collection. Can be
configured to run your favorite icon editor
with just a couple of clicks. Req VBRUN200.

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IconView Windows Icon Manager.
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941111.IDZ 2 2 stored
BS_640.RLE 89266 23502 deflated
BS_800.RLE 95258 24700 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 256 193 deflated
IVEWDSFX.EXE 54920 52904 deflated
SETUP.EXE 37135 11281 deflated
SETUP.TXT 3667 1361 deflated

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Contents of the SETUP.TXT file


BitSoft Utilities - Set-Up Instructions


> Using the SETUP program.

A setup program called SETUP.EXE is included to help you install and set
up your BitSoft programs. This requires Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or
above to operate.

If you have Windows running:

Switch to Windows Program Manager and select the Run.. command from the
File menu. Enter the full path to the Setup program and click OK. For
instance if the setup files are in a directory named BITSOFT on drive C:
you would enter C:\BITSOFT\SETUP.EXE

Alternatively you can use Windows File Manager. Open the disc in a File
Manager window, and click on the directory where the files are stored.
Find SETUP.EXE in the list of files shown and double-click on it.

OR - If you are running from the DOS prompt (NOT in a DOS window):

Change to the drive and directory where the BitSoft program files are
stored and run the SETUP program. This will start Windows for you. For
instance if the files are in a directory called BITSOFT on drive C: you
would type - C:

The Setup program displays a list of all the programs available. Select
one from the list and check that the suggested path for the installed
is acceptable. Press Install to expand the program files from the program
directory onto your hard drive. If the target directory does not exist it
will be created automatically. Repeat the selection and Install process
for each program required and then press Exit. The setup program will
create icons for the programs in Program Manager if required.


> Manual Installation.

Each BitSoft program is supplied as a single file. Most of these are Self

Extracting ZIP files, identified by a name of the form xxxxxSFX and
having the .EXE file extension. These must be expanded into a directory
on the hard disc before use, DO NOT run them directly from the program
disc. Many BitSoft programs also require the Windows dynamic link library
file VBRUN200.DLL to exist in the Windows System directory.

To install the programs manually use Windows File Manager or other file
utility to copy the compressed file from the distribution disc to the
required hard disc directory. Set this as the current directory and run
the SFX file to extract the contents. It can then be deleted. Non self-
extracting files can be copied in the normal way to the required
directory and run directly. If the SETUP program is not used, the file
VBRUN200.DLL must also be placed in your Windows System directory
if it does not already exist there.


> Setting up Program Icons in Windows Program Manager.

With Program Manager active select the group where the program is to be
placed by clicking the group title bar. Then select File / New / Program
Item / OK. With the Properties dialog open click Browse and use the drive
and directory controls to move to the directory where the program is
stored. Select the name from the list of files and click OK to close the
Browse dialog. Now from the Properties window select OK and the program
icon will appear. A double-click will then run the program.


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