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Picture Man version 1.51 for Windows. Extensive correction of graphics files (GIF, TIF, BMP, & JPEG).
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Picture Man version 1.51 for Windows. Extensive correction of graphics files (GIF, TIF, BMP, & JPEG).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CJPG.DLL 30208 13038 deflated
CTARGA.DLL 12288 5527 deflated
CTL3D.DLL 17632 8626 deflated
CUSTCONV.H 4808 1704 deflated
DIB.DRV 31296 18783 deflated
DJPG.DLL 24064 10983 deflated
DTARGA.DLL 9216 5094 deflated
FORM.TXT 661 300 deflated
GAMMA.TIF 4687 3012 deflated
IRINA.JPG 11846 11676 deflated
MWAREA.DLL 17273 7229 deflated
PMAN.EXE 640000 196108 deflated
PMAN.HLP 84692 28923 deflated
PMAN.INI 3966 1608 deflated
PMAN.WRI 132864 30213 deflated
PWORKS.TXT 1559 694 deflated
READBIN.DLL 6144 2787 deflated
READBMP.DLL 7168 3379 deflated
READGIF.DLL 6144 3357 deflated
README.TXT 2132 1009 deflated
READPCX.C 16473 2737 deflated
READPCX.DLL 5120 2540 deflated
READTIF.DLL 23552 11639 deflated
TWAIN.DLL 22944 10825 deflated
UPDATE.151 795 450 deflated
WRITEBIN.DLL 3584 1883 deflated
WRITEBMP.DLL 4608 2499 deflated
WRITEEPI.DLL 7680 2835 deflated
WRITEGIF.DLL 5120 2969 deflated
WRITEPCX.C 23224 3420 deflated
WRITEPCX.DLL 5632 2803 deflated
WRITETIF.DLL 12800 5203 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Thank you for trying out the shareware copy of Picture Man version 1.51.

Picture Man is the most powerful true color image processing tool
for MS Windows 3.x available as shareware!

It has the following features:

- Picture Man offers a large variety of 46 different bitmap operations,
including geometrical transforms, halftone/color correction, filtering
and filling a selected area with color, pattern and gradient.

- Picture Man allows to process an image in a selected area with sharp or
smooth edge. Seven types of selected area are available, including
Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Text, Freehand, Pen and even Magic Wand.
Each of 46 operations can be performed with the pen, that gives you
unique retouching capabilities!

- Picture Man offers true multitasking. You can process several images

- Picture Man provides you with virtual memory management, so you can
hangle very large images, limited only by your hard disk size even in
Standard mode!

- Picture Man makes palette optimization, color and black-and-white
dithering and printing.

- Picture Man supports Truecolor and HiColor adapters and performes
HiColor dithering.

- Picture Man supports an emerging TWAIN standard for image acquisition.

- Besides TWAIN, Picture Man offers very simple interface to custom image
capturing devices.

- Picture Man allows to convert images in various graphic formats

- Picture Man has an open interface to image converters implemented as
DLLs, so you can easily develop and add converters for new formats.

In order to give you the opportunity to see the advantages of a tool
such as Picture Man, Picture Man is distributed as a shareware program.
This provide you with a free two weeks trial period. In addition you
will find Picture Man to be a quality application at a price
substantially below that of comparable retail applications.

To install Picture Man simply decompress the PMAN15.ZIP archive .

Please refer to the PMAN.WRI for additional information.

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