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Print Tree v3.0; View directory structure WYSIWYG on-screen.

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Print Tree v3.0: View directory structure
WYSIWYG on-screen and then print hard copy of
your trees! Select any online drive including
network drives, removable media drives, etc.
Up to 1024 directory and subdirectory entries
nested up to five levels deep. Req Win 3.1.

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Print Tree v3.0; View directory structure WYSIWYG on-screen.
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Contents of the PRNTRE30.DOC file

Program Name: Print Tree (Windows) Version 3.0

Copyright: Copyright 1992, Edmond, Oklahoma

Author: Charles H Fisher Jr

Version Date: 12/29/92

/********************************************************** /

About The Program:

Print your disk drive directory tree! No more trying to
remember where the heck you buried that file three
sub-directories deep - SEE IT! You select one of the active
drives from the Select menu. Next the program reads every file,
including deleted and hidden files and saves all active
directory and sub-directory entries. It then formats them into a
memory page and prints out the "picture" of the directory tree
via the Windows GDI. You may then print the tree on your
printer, if you wish. Additional options include changing font
size to squeeze more tree on a page, bold type, and top margin
setting. A complete on-line help file using the Windows Help
System is available.

To use this program you will need:

Windows version 3.1 (@ Microsoft, Inc.) or higher and the hard-
ware to run it on,
Disk drives or partitions up to Drive Z, DOS Version 3.0 & up,

Dot matrix, laser, or ink-jet printer and current versions of
the Windows printer drivers.

A mouse device is optional.

Installing Print Tree
First, if you have received this in the archived version ( a
file named PTRE30.ZIP) , you will have to unZIP the files with
the famous PKUNZIP (@ PKWARE) into the directory where you keep
your windows programs or utilities. Otherwise, you just copy the
files with File Manager or from the DOS prompt. Then you will
have to install it into a Windows program group. Please see your
Windows User's Manual for the procedure for installing a program
into a Windows program group.

The Legal Part:

1. The author gives no guarantees with this program and assumes
no liability for damages caused by use of, or non-use of this
program. This program has been carefully checked for problems by
the author; however, that does not mean that your copy may not
contain some defect. The author will be glad to replace any
malfunctioning copy of this program if you send a letter
explaining the problem, and a blank disk.

2. This is a shareware product. That means that you have up to
thirty days to use this program and decide if you want to keep
it. If not, simply erase any copies you may have. If you wish to
keep and use this program (I certainly hope so!) then send check
or money order for $10.00 along with the version number of the
copy you have, to:

Window Wizard Software
1306 Richmond Road
Edmond, OK 73034

This payment grants you one license to use the program. That is,
one person may use it on all their personal machines, or only
one copy may be placed on a single multi-user machine. For
multi-user-multi-machine licenses, write me for a price break.


Please upload this program to any suitable bulletin board, and
pass it amongst your friends. The name should be PRNTRE30.ZIP
where you can use the full 8 characters in the name, or else
PTRE30.ZIP. You must upload ALL files together, just as you got
them in the original ZIP file. If you received an unzipped
version, please archive the files into an appropriate ZIP file
or LHARC file before passing it along via a bulletin board, other-
wise the files may become separated.

Version 2.1a

In version 2.1 I had to go back and rewrite the printer
interface to solve some problems related to laser printers and
the fact that the "standard" OEM_ FIXED _FONT wasn't. I received
several enhancement requests from users and I wrote them into
this version: on-screen viewing of the directory tree; printer
on/off control; font sizing to squeeze more tree onto a page;
alphabetizing of the tree entries; additional help screens; and
a built in function to handle the registration codes, faster
print routine, top margin control, and bold type. The 'a' sub-
version corrected two small errors, one in documentation, one
in the printer routine - a legacy of trying to do too many proj-
ects at once.

Version 3.0

More user supplied suggestions: Reads all drives from A: to Z:,
including floppies and removable media drives like Syquest and
I also rewrote the entire 'read' function and it goes a
lot faster now. It should also obviate problems found with
certain SmartDrive settings. I also rewrote the entire print routine
and added font selection so you can use whichever fonts you have on
board. In addition, registered copies save your font and page
settings and use these settings on the next start-up so you don't
have to reconfigure after each start-up.


Please feel free to write me with any constructive criticisms
about this program. This is a port from DOS. The original used
Vitamin C text windows. Converting this to MS Windows 3 was a
major learning experience, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm
moving all my primary programming into the Windows arena, now.
If you have any pet programming projects, please send me your
ideas. You can usually reach me by CompuServe EMAIL. My ID is


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