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After Dark module for Windows.
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After Dark module for Windows.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

BRICKLAYER version 1.1a

An After Dark (Windows) module.

This software is freely distributable, provided no fee is charged for
distribution or use. Charges for media duplication, handling, etc... must
not exceed a reasonable amount based on the media used. The author accepts
no responsibility for making sure this works on your machine, or anything
else! Distributed copies must contain this readme file.

Contents are copyright (C) 1993 by Roger Theriault, all rights reserved.

To install, copy the BRICKS.AD file to your After Dark directory.

The saver should work in 16-color mode and has been tested on a 386DX-25
with a Trident 8900C display adapter under "standard" 640x480 256-color
mode. Bricks are 16-colors. Works with MultiModule (for neat effects).

The brick laying speed is configurable, as is the type of brick. If you
select a particular brick, it will be laid and then, once the wall is up,
another identical wall is built in front of it (useful to know if you
use MultiModule). If RANDOM is selected, a new brick will be used for
each successive wall.


v1.0 (Feb. 8, 1993)
- initial version

v1.1 (Feb. 21, 1993)
- Blank Screen First now blanks the screen before each wall.
- GPFs would occur with small bricks on large displays (1200x1024, etc...)
due to a silly lack of range checking. Fixed, and more memory was also
allocated for small bricks. If a problem occurs, "starry night" should

v1.1a (Mar. 3, 1993)
- v1.1 introduced a bug which consumes GDI resources. This bug was
caused by using the RESTART_ME return value of AD, which is buggy.
Problem has been corrected and there is no resource "leakage".

Suggestions, ideas for other savers, bug reports, etc... are welcome!
This saver was created using Borland C++ 3.1 and source code is available
on request. Also tell me if you like this saver (not as cool as flying
toasters, I know), and send bricks!

Roger Theriault

Internet: [email protected] (preferred)
CompuServe: 71332,730
Snail-mail: 210-2222 Prince Edward St.
Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V5T 4M6
(if you send mail, cool commemorative stamps are appreciated!)

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