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2D/3D graphics DLL for Windows, File 3 of 3.
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2D/3D graphics DLL for Windows, File 3 of 3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEMOPROC.C 41338 5717 deflated
DEMOPROC.DEF 461 249 deflated
DEMOPROC.H 308 94 deflated
DEMOPROC.LIB 2048 373 deflated
DIALOGS.C 10314 1789 deflated
DIALOGS.DLG 5951 1413 deflated
DIALOGS.H 1708 431 deflated
LIBENTRY.BIN 361 331 deflated
LOGFILE.OUT 3568 655 deflated
MAKEFILE 2495 898 deflated
MENU.H 7764 1693 deflated
README.1ST 4808 2127 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1477 398 deflated
VISUALIB.H 29265 5818 deflated
VISUALIB.HLP 225084 43352 deflated
VISUALIB.ICO 766 230 deflated
VISUALIB.LIB 24576 5169 deflated
VLIBDEMO.C 71499 11479 deflated
VLIBDEMO.DEF 764 458 deflated
VLIBDEMO.EXE 73216 29689 deflated
VLIBDEMO.H 261 165 deflated
VLIBDEMO.HLP 12236 5198 deflated
VLIBDEMO.RC 8146 2044 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

VISUALIB (c) Graphics Library

Visualib is a comprehensive state-of-the-art graphics library for Microsoft
Windows environment. It contains powerful and efficient functions packaged
in a dynamic linking library (DLL) to render both 2D and 3D graphic objects.
With Visualib, the application developer can produce high quality graphics
output on screen, printer, and image files with minimum programming effort.

Main features of Visualib includes:

<< 2D and 3D Graphics Viewing Systems >>
User can establish virtually unlimited number of independent 2D and 3D
viewers. In each viewer, user can select various parameters such as the
viewport, eye position, perspective or orthogonal projections, view volume,
etc. Visualib provides a sophisticated transformation mechanism to support
virtually all types of graphics transformations. Visualib maintain a
transformation stack which can be used in conjunction with the transformation
functions to achieve flexible and efficient graphic effects.

<< Sophisticated Rendering Methods >>
There are five rendering methods available for a 3D object: wire frame,
solid fill, flat shading, Gouraud shading, and Phong shading. Unlimited
numbers of sophisticated light sources and materials can be defined
and used. For instance, a light can be defined as a distant light, point
light, or spot light. The position can be in the world coordinate, camera
coordinate or the object coordinate. A material can have different ambient,
diffuse, specular, and emission colors. There is a number of shading options
available, such as z-buffering, back face removal, local light, local viewer,
in addition to the five rendering methods.

<< Advanced Geometry >>
A complete set of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) based 2D and
3D curve primitives as well as the surface primitives are provided for easy
composition of complicated geometric objects. All the geometry is presented
with homogeneous coordinates that means a position can be defined at infinite.
All common graphic transformations including translation, scaling, rotation,
stretching, and shearing are supported in both 2D and 3D. Unlimited
number of level transformation matrix stacks are supported to implement
hierarchical geometry.

<< Solid Texture and Image Mapping >>
Visualib has a few built in solid texture shaders, such as wood, marble, and
granite. The feature of the solid texture is that the texture is continuous
with any shape of the geometry. For the advanced developer, Visualib
allows them to build their own shaders to do the rendering perturbation:
material, geometry, and pixel perturbations. An image in Microsoft Windows
bitmap format or Run Length E (RLE) format can also be mapped to any
four-sided 2D or 3D polygon.

<< Solid Text With TrueType Fonts >>
Text can be rendered in 2D and 3D space either flat or solid using any
truetype fonts available on the computer. Text is defined in Visualib world
coordinate system in floating point numbers. The basic text alignment is

Visualib is the only graphics package for the Windows that delivers the
power of high-end graphics work stations. For everyone interested in using
graphics in the Windows, Visualib is an indispensable tool.
Whether you are developing a CAD application or simply drawing
a nice business char, you will find that Visualib can save your time and
money. Visualib will free the user from writing highly sophisticated and
tedious graphics routines and obtain beautiful 2D and 3D graphics with ease.

Visualib disk contains the following files:

README.1ST - this file
REGISTER.TXT - ASCII registration form
VISUALIB.DLL - dynamic link library file
VISUALIB.LIB - import library file
VISUALIB.H - header file
VISUALIB.HLP - on-line Windows help of Visualib
VLIBDEMO.C - Visualib demo program source code
VLIBDEMO.EXE - Visualib demo program executable

The best place to start your Visualib programming is the demo program VLIBDEMO
included in the distribution disk. The executable file is ready to run in
Windows. Try it and enjoy the show!

The source code VLIBDEMO.C illustrated the application of Visualib library to
create beautiful graphics applications. It uses many features on Visualib and
may serve as a template on using Visualib.

VISUALIB.HLP is the on-line reference of Visualib. It is in Windows Help
format. You may read it by running WinHelp or access it from the demo program

You may try Visualib free of charge for 45 days. After the free trial period,
you must register it with Visual Tech if you decide to continue using
Visualib. See REGISTER.TXT for more information.

Visual Tech Co.
P.O. Box 8735
Fort Wayne, IN 46898

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