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Allows loading of eight applications with one icon click Win 3.0.
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Allows loading of eight applications with one icon click Win 3.0.
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Contents of the WORKGRP.DOC file

Work Groups v.0.9 (beta) by James Bell


Work Groups is a simple little program I created to let me fire up
several Windows applications all at once. It works just like the "Load="
portion of the WIN.INI file, except that you just click on the Work
Groups icon to start up to eight applications at once.

How to use Work Groups

Work Groups is still Beta, and as such isn't very easy to get setup,
but at least you only have to set it up once. I'm working on ways to make
this easier, but also want to see if you think its a good idea.

First let me explain why there are two files, WORKGRP.EXE and
WORKGRPX.EXE. They work exactly the same except that when your specified
files are loaded up, WORKGRP exits automatically. WORKGRPX, on the other
hand, stays resident as an icon, and lets you exit Windows altogether by
double-clicking on the icon. So WORKGRPX also eliminates fiddling with
that "Save Changes" box when you want to quit Windows.

To use either one, follow these steps:

1. Using Notepad or Sysedit, open up your WIN.INI file and add the
following section to the end:


Where is a program name and/or path.

Note: The most you can load is eight programs, but you don't HAVE to
load more than one.

2. Copy either WORKGRP.EXE or WORKGRPX.EXE (or both) into your Windows
directory (or wherever you keep Windows utilities).

3. Load up Windows and choose the group you'd like to put WORKGRP or
WORKGRPX into, then choose "File" from the menu bar, and "New"
program object. Finally, choose "Browse" and select WORKGRP.EXE or
WORKGRPX.EXE and click OK.

Now when you click on the WORKGRP icon you'll see all those programs
you wanted load up as icons quickly and easily.

If you choose WORKGRPX, you'll see a little doorway, and you can
double-click on it to exit Windows.

Known Problems

1. When a DOS window is loaded this way, it refuses to give up the
keyboard, all typing is directed to it until you maximize it.
Strange, but I'm working on it.

2. The installation is a pain, and I also need to allow more than one
work group, again, I'm working on it.

3. None of this is worth the trouble if no one likes it, so let me know
your ideas, see below for how to register and/or contact me.

Work Groups is still young, and I won't guarantee anything about it.


Simple! Just send me $10, I'll send you the latest copy and very probably
a copy of whatever else I'm working on at the time.

Contacting me

I really would like to hear your questions/comments:

James Bell | Or leave me E-mail on Fido net's Windows
4511 Sherwood Trace | conference, or at 0ubliette BBS at
Gainesville, FL 32605 | (904) 336-9785.
(904) 372-3695 |

P.S. Windows is TM Microsoft Corp.

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