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Font Installer version 2.0. Nice graphical interface. Previews fonts and installs or removes them.
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Font Installer version 2.0. Nice graphical interface. Previews fonts and installs or removes them.
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Contents of the TTINSTAL.DOC file

True Type Font Installer
by Kai Kaltenbach, Copyright (c) 1992
Version 2.0


1. Introduction
2. TTInstal Features
3. Shareware Notice
4. Instructions
5. Advanced INI Settings
6. Version History


True Type Font Installer (TTInstal) was created to provide one major
feature that is lacking from the font installation feature of the
Microsoft Windows 3.1 Control Panel: mainly the ability to preview
fonts before they are installed. Along the way, some other features
ended up in the program and more may be added as time goes by.


- Previews TrueType fonts before they are installed

- Supports network font installation

- Supports compressed TrueType font files (those that use Microsoft-standard
compression with the standard .TT_ file extension, such as used on the
Microsoft True Type Font Pack for Windows)

- Includes full Windows-based setup program with network support

- Allows you to preview fonts in any desired size

- Prints font specimen sheets

- Indicates whether whether or not a previewed font is currently installed

- Shows currently installed fonts via a separate standard dialog box

- Saves settings between sessions


NOTICE -TTINSTAL is not free software. If you paid a "public domain"
vendor for this program, you paid for the copy and mailing service only,
and not for the program itself. Nothing ever gets to the author of the
program from such a sale. You may evaluate TTINSTAL, but if you find it
useful, you should register your copy.

TTINSTAL is copyrighted software, and all rights are reserved. TTINSTAL
may not be changed or modified in any way except by the author. TTINSTAL
is SHAREWARE, and may be freely distributed, as long as it remains in its
complete form with all support, documentation, and configuration files.
It may be used for a ten day free trial period. Regardless of how the
copy is obtained, it is requested that all users comply with the
following licensing/registration provisions if they continue to use it
after the 10 day trial period:

A. $15 per copy for individual users.

Send registration to:

Kai Kaltenbach
15015 Main Street Suite 103-137
Bellevue, WA 98007 U.S.A.

B. Quantity discounts:
10 to 99: $10 per copy.
100 up: $7.50 per copy.
Distributors: $5.00 per copy "for-profit" shareware distributors

C. Site License: $75 per 10 copies. All users would be registered
collectively under a single name.

For foreign orders, please send a check drawn on a US Bank, International
or US Postal Money Order, Travelers Checks, or cash, since the banks
charge up to $60 collection fee for foreign checks.

For all the above, TTINSTAL should be distributed intact, with all
documentation, support programs, and setup program. Archived form is OK
to meet this requirement, since it minimizes disk space, if you supply
the un-archiving program.

A user may install TTINSTAL on more than one machine, provided he/she is
the only user on each machine. The registration and license policy is
similar to a book, which can be taken with you but used only by you.


You may use all updates (with the same registration fee) free once you
have registered TTINSTAL. Since TTINSTAL is updated regularly, I do
not send notices, but it gets around quickly to most desktop publishing
and font-oriented BBS's, and is available at Compuserve in the Desktop
Publishing and Windows Advanced forums (I always upload to the CompuServe
Windows forum first).


All warranties are disclaimed, including damage to hardware and/or
software from use of this product. In no event will I be liable to you
for any damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other
incidental or consequential damages arising out of your use or inability
to use the program, or any other claim by any other party.


- Previewing Fonts

Use the drive, directory and file list boxes to select a given TrueType
font. Hit the Preview button to preview that font.

Preview Indicators

While a font is being previewed, the font name (e.g. "Helvetica Bold"
will appear in the Font Name box. The font filename (e.g. "helvb.ttf")
is shown in the Filename box, and the actual preview of the font may
be seen in the Font Preview box.

Selecting Font Preview Size

The desired font preview size in points may be selected via the Size
drop-down selector.

Special Preview Indicators

In the blank space directly beneath the preview Size selector may appear
a font status indicator. This indicator will read "Installed" if
TTINstal detects that the currently previewed font is installed. It may
also read "Existing Metrics" if for some reason a scalable font metric
resource file (.FOT) happens to exist for the currently previewed font,
but the font is not currently installed in Windows (an unusual case).

- Previewing Character Sets

Double-click on a font that is currently being previewed (i.e. double-
click the Preview box) to see a full-screen preview of the complete
font character set.

- Installing Fonts

While a font is being previewed, pressing the Install button will
install that font into your Windows configuration.

Copy to Windows Directory Option

When you press the Install button, if the "Copy to Windows Directory"
option has been checked, TTInstal will also copy the font to your
Windows SYSTEM subdirectory.

- Removing Fonts

Pressing the Remove... button will give you the option of removing the
font from the WIN.INI and memory, deleting the scalable resource file
(.FOT) from disk, or deleting the TrueType font file (.TTF) file itself
from disk. Naturally, caution should be exercised when deleting such
files. TTInstal will ask you to confirm deletion of TrueType font files.

- Viewing Currently Installed Fonts

Press the Installed Fonts... button to produce a dialog box that will
allow you to view the currently installed fonts at any desired size.

Note that if you are currently previewing a font at the time you press
the Installed Fonts... button, that font will show up in the Installed
Fonts dialog, since it is being displayed by TTInstal at the time.

- Printing Font Specimen Sheets

While a font is being previewed, you can print a font specimen sheet
by pressing the Print button. Specimen sheets show the font character
set from characters 32-255 in a 24-point size, and include character
codes underneath each character.

- Leaving TTInstal

Press the Close button to shut down TTInstal.


True Type Font Installer creates and uses an initialization textfile
called TTINSTAL.INI. Setting incorrect values in this file can cause
problems, and modifying it is rarely necessary, so this section is
recommended for advanced users only. In this section, items within
the <> signs, e.g. "

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