Dec 052017
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EZINI 1.0. Easy INI editor, lets you point and click to select INI file, Section and Entry. Explains each entry, including type, range, and default value. Validates changes you make; won’t let you enter wrong values.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BWCC.DLL 152304 38221 deflated
EZINI.EXE 182212 58196 deflated
EZINI.HLP 16389 11776 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 10656 4503 deflated
ORDER.FRM 607 308 deflated
PROGINFO.EZC 1354 573 deflated
PROGINFO.EZS 1354 573 deflated
README.TXT 4659 2128 deflated
SYSINFO.EZC 23019 6769 deflated
SYSINFO.EZS 10292 3627 deflated
WININFO.EZC 8449 2571 deflated
WININFO.EZS 5455 1739 deflated

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