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Draws 3-D Fractal mountains. Version 1.0 for Windows.
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Draws 3-D Fractal mountains. Version 1.0 for Windows.
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Contents of the README.1ST file



MOUNFRAC is the Copyrighted material of JiffySoft. It may be used only in
accordance with the conditions that follow:

MOUNFRAC is distributed for evaluation purposes only.

MOUNFRAC is not in the public domain, and it is not free software.

JiffySoft grants users a license to use this software providing
that MOUNFRAC is not modify in any way, including but not limited to,
decompiling, disassembling, or any other way of reverse engineering.

All users are granted permission to copy MOUNFRAC for distribution
to others for evaluation, as long as it is copied in unmodified form.
All files, programs, documentation, copyright and other notices must
be copied intact.

No fee or compensation may be charged for the evaluation copy, except
to cover the media in which is distributed, shipping expenses must be
clearly identified as such.

MOUNFRAC may not be used in any unlawful or illegal manner.

JiffySoft is in no way responsible in any damaged resulting from the
use or inability to use MOUNFRAC.

If you like or use MOUNFRAC please consider sending a contribution
of 5$ or more to JiffySoft to the following Address:

Delta International
C/O Carlos Fragio
P.O. BOX 1218
Miami, Florida

If you like to contact the author or any other information regarding this program you may contact :

C.I.F. - B.B.S.
24 Hours
Santo Domingo, Dom. Republic

Messages should be address to JiffySoft or Carlos Fragio(SYSOP).


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