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IconTamer is a complete icon management utility for Windows 3.0.
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IconTamer is a complete icon management utility for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to IconTamer!
Moon Valley Software Inc.
107 East Paradise Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85022

(602) 375-9502 Voice
(602) 375-0531 BBS

If you aquired IconTamer before this date there is a good chance that it has
a crc problem in the exe file. Please upload this version to any BBS where you
may have seen it. Thank you very much for your help in getting this version
properly distributed.

Initial release of Version 1.0

There isn't a more comprehensive or easier to use Icon Management program
available on the market today!


Although not mentioned in the documentation, the screen cutting
Cut Button will allow you to cut large portions (the entire windows desktop)
of the screen to the clipboard. In IconTamer's Icon View Window you will
see a garbled picture as it tries to fit a large image in a small window.

However the entire screen cut has been copied to the clipboard. You may
want to use this feature to clip graphics from other programs for insertion
in Pagemaker, Word for Windows, ect... You could also use this feature to
paste a large graphic into your graphics program for further editing.

I hope you enjoy this added feature of IconTamer!

Please be sure to read the documentation carefully. It is important that you
configure your Icon Editor correctly to gain the maximum productivity from

The documentation is furnished in Windows Write format. Substantial bottom
margins were provided so you can re-format it for virtually any target
printer. It was composed using 10 pt Helv on a NEC Postscript Printer.

For registration and technical support information refer to the last page of
the documentation. Thank you for the tremendous support that you have given
our Zip Manager and Monitor Saver programs. We hope that you enjoy using

Eric Anderson
Moon Valley Software
November 16, 1990

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