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Convert Windows 3.0 icon files into an ANSI text file.
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Convert Windows 3.0 icon files into an ANSI text file.
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Contents of the ANSICO.DOC file

ANSICO Version 1.0: Convert WIN 3.0 ICO file into ANSI Screens
Copyright 1991 by Gateway Software, Inc.
Author: Philippe Rabergeau

Free program. Distribute freely BUT do not modify it.

List of Files:
ANSICO.DOCThis file!
ANSICO.EXEThe executable file
PRO$TOCK.ICOExample of ICON file
PROPLUS.ICO Example of ICON file

Usage:(Command Line)

Why a program like this?
I would like a BBS door built for ICON file management.
This utility represent one of the tools I would like to provide.
This project of writing a BBS door will include also a lot of
options associated with the management of ICON files. If you are a
BBS sysop interested by this type of BBS door, let me know.
Also, I am looking for other software writers to work in
association with me to write this Door software so that it will
be compatible with many BBS door formats.

You will find my business card at the end of the file.
You can also reach me by phone:
Evening and week-ends: (212) 505-6203
During business hours: (212) 254-8235

Coming Soon...
I am going to release in a couple of weeks, many ICON oriented programs.
Here is a list of programs available soon from Gateway Software, Inc.:

LICO15 List(ico) Your WIN 3.0 ICOns files 1.5
WINICO10 Extract ICOns from WIN 3.0 files 1.0
DIRICO15 Directory of all your WIN 3.0 ICOns 1.5
ICODLL10 Merge ICOns in one WIN 3.0 DLL file 1.0
ICOPCX10 Merge ICOns into PCX files 1.0
ICL10 ICon Library file Manager 1.0
CICOLIB1 C ICOn Library (Borland & CSCAPE) 1.0
WLICO15 Windows 3.0 version of Listico 1.0
WINICL10 Windows 3.0 version of ICL 1.0
WICOMA10 Windows 3.0 version of ICON MASTER 1.0


All these programs are distributed using the Shareware Concept
(try before you buy)
Association of
o Professionals


Gateway Software, Inc.
Videotex Software Development

Philippe Rabergeau

Genie: P.RABERGEAU 61 East 8th Street
Prodigy: WNWB44A Suite 128
Compuserve: 73567,2755 New York, NY 10003

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