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A slick and very efficient screen capture program for Windows 3.1.
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A slick and very efficient screen capture program for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

JaxCam v1.0

Developed as an exercise in Windows programming using Borland's C++
v2.0, JaxCam is based on Jim Conger's Snap3 and now is 50% larger in
source and executable file size. Additional functions are being added
as they occur to me while traversing Charles Petzold's wonderful book,
"Programming Windows" (Microsoft Press).

JaxCam seems to be quite a handy utility for those with frequent needs
to move portions of text and/or graphics displays among applications
under Windows. Of particular usefulness to my daughter, has been its
ability to enlarge or reduce images as needed. This facility may be
enhanced further in future versions.

Sufficient built-in help is available to acquaint you with JaxCom's
operation. No detailed docs are needed.

Simply install as you would any other Windows application. Usually
this means using the Program Manager's File - New function after
making active the program group to which you'd like to add JaxCam.

I am interested in sharing Windows applications source files with
anyone similarly inclined. Although I am not releasing for general
distribution the JaxCam source files, I'd be happy to provide same to
anyone sufficiently interested to ask for them. If you'd like to
get the FREE JaxCam source files:

1) Call the BBS number below and leave a brief message to "SYSOP"
requesting the JaxCam source files


2) Send a formatted diskette (5.25" or 3.5") and a stamped,
self-addressed return mailer to:

Jack Kilday
Central Ave.
Peaks Island, ME 04108

April 14, 1991 - Jack Kilday, Sysop
The Northern Lights BBS
207-766-2467 (v.32/HST), 4 Lines

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