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Powerful XBASE file/data manager for Windows 3.X.
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Powerful XBASE file/data manager for Windows 3.X.
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DW.INI 46 42 deflated
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DWFIELDS.NTX 4096 858 deflated
DWFILES.DBF 498 192 deflated
DWFILES.NTX 2048 750 deflated
DWFORMS.DBF 931 188 deflated
DWFORMS.NTX 2048 127 deflated
DWHELP.HLP 87079 31460 deflated
DWINDEX.DBF 698 215 deflated
DWINDEX.NTX 2048 409 deflated
DWRELATE.DBF 195 63 deflated
DWRELATE.NTX 2048 109 deflated
DWTABDEF.DBF 514 128 deflated
DWTABDEF.NTX 2048 137 deflated
DWTABFLD.DBF 195 67 deflated
DWTABFLD.NTX 2048 123 deflated
DWX.EXE 258560 80786 deflated
DWXDLL.DLL 170496 54489 deflated
README.TXT 5840 2129 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

DataWorks: xBase file Manager for Windows
Clipper .ntx version
May 1992 Version 1.29

The following xBase function has been added to 1.29:
TRIM(Char_Value) trims spaces on the right of the char expr

Help file has been updated and recompiled.

DataWorks is SHAREWARE. After a thirty day evaluation period, if you
continue to use DataWorks, you are required to register the product
and include a license fee of $49.95 U.S. by check, money order, Visa
or Mastercard. A registration form may be found at the end of this

DataWorks is designed as an xBase power user's tool to be used by
developers building applications with VXBASE for Visual Basic.
VXBASE may be found on the bulletin board that carries DataWorks.
It is uploaded as two files. The latest release is composed of
files (documentation) and (vxbase.dll).

DataWorks documentation is contained entirely in an extensive
Windows Help file accessible from the main DataWorks menu.

(1) Unzip with pkunzip

(2) Three more zip files appear

DWMASTER.ZIP an empty DataWorks data dictionary set
to be loaded and unzipped into any
directory that contains or will contain
xBase files. Retain this file to set up
new xBase locations that are accessible
through DataWorks.

VXBTEST.ZIP If you currently have vxBase, move this
file to \VB\VXBTEST and unzip it. It
contains DataWorks dictionary definitions
for the sample database that comes with

DWINDOWS.ZIP contains dwx.exe, dwxdll.dll, dw.ini,
and dwhelp.hlp. Move this file to your
\WINDOWS directory and unzip. These are
the actual program and supplementary files.

(2) New Users
copy DWMASTER to any directory on your hard drive that
contains Clipper databases (or to a new directory
if you want to create new databases).

Every directory that you wish to access with DataWorks
MUST HAVE ITS OWN COPY of the master dictionary files.

vxBase Users
If you wish to experiment with DataWorks, and have a copy
of vxBase, move the VXBTEST.ZIP file to \VB\VXBTEST and
unzip (don't copy DWMASTER there).

Existing Users NOTE:
If you are upgrading an existing copy of DataWorks,
DO NOT UNZIP DWMASTER over top of your current dictionary
files. You will lose all current dictionary information.

Running DataWorks

(1) Bring up Windows and add DWX.EXE to a program group
(or run it with the RUN command). The password is
MASTER. Enter a startup directory where you have
placed a copy of the DataWorks dictionary files (i.e.,
unzipped DWMASTER). If you are running the sample
vxBase data set, enter \vb\vxbtest as the directory.

You can alter the initial size of the files directory
screen. When you exit, the size you set will be saved.

(2) If there are existing database files in the directory
you specified, you can add them to the DataWorks
dictionary with the File Import Dbf menu command.

Comments, Suggestions, Bug Reports (Dr. Watson preferred)
vxBase (512523 Alberta Ltd.)
Attention: T.O.
#200, 10310 - 176 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5S 1L3

Phone: (403) 489-5994
Fax: (403) 486-4335
Compuserve ID: 70524,3723

Please quote version number shown at top of this file
or in Help About box.

DataWorks Order Form

Company: _______________________________________________

Name: _______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________

State/Prov: _______________________________________________

Country: _______________________________________________

Postal Code: _______________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________

Fax: _______________________________________________

Disk Size 3-1/2" ______ 5-1/4" ______ (check one)

Developer: ______ End User: ______ (check one)

______ copies of DataWorks @ $49.95 ea: __________

Domestic Shipping (U.S./Canada) @ 5.00: ----------

Foreign Air Shipping @ 15.00: __________
(except U.S. & Canada)

Canadian Orders add 7% G.S.T. __________
(GST# R101083020)

TOTAL: __________

Enclose check or money order for total amount payable to
vxBase (512523 Alberta Ltd.). Credit Card customers please
enter the information below:

Visa: __________ Mastercard: __________ (check one)

Card Number: ___________________________________________

Expiration Date: ___________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________

Mail, phone, or fax your order to:
vxbase (512523 Alberta Ltd.)
#200, 10310 - 176 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5S 1L3

Phone (403) 489-5994
Fax (403) 486-4335

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