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A few changes for Command Post's front end (CMP file). Windows 3.0.
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A few changes for Command Post’s front end (CMP file). Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the CPCHANGS.TXT file

Suggested Changes for Command Post v7.0E:

Enclosed in the .ZIP file with this document are my modified
versions of CMDPOST.CPM and CMDUSER.CPM. Note that I have made many
changes to the "File" menu to make it behave more like the original
MS-DOS Executive. I.E. If files aren't selected, it prompts for file
names, if files are selected it uses them as defaults.. I also added
two new functions: "Close Second CmdPost Window" which checks to see if
a second CmdPost window is running and, if so, closes it and re-expands
the main CmdPost window to it's original coordinates. (I got tired of
having to resize the window after closing the other one...) And a
"Make CmdPost Window Original Size" function for resizing it after

In the process, I found a bug, if the current window is the
main CmdPost, the "IsRunning()" command doesn't work. (I had to use
WinItemize to get around the problem..) Notice also I separated the
"Move" and "Rename" commands, as I want to have a filename to edit
when I want to rename a file, not a directory name... I also eliminated
your "Notepad Edit" from the "File" menu and your "Format Diskette..."
command from the "Dir" menu (I have them both as commands in my
"Desktop" menu in CMDUSER.CPM file).. (I have included copies of my
FORMAT*.PIF files in this .ZIP so you can check them out..)

I did a major rewrite of the "Print" command, I actually figured
out how to print a text file to a PostScript printer. It uses a shareware
program named POST21, however, which I guess I will now have to register.
I will try to figure out a more direct method later.. (I have to learn

Note the "Printer" menu in the CPMUSER.CPM file, it is for my
printer, which is an HP LaserJet Series II with a Pacific Page
PostScript cartridge. It allows the automatic switching of the printer
from one mode to another as well as setting up the printer change in
the WIN.INI file.

In the process of learning CPML, I found it very awkward
to do some things which could be greatly simplified by including the
following new CPML commands:

where:condition = conditional statement
statements between If next Else or EndIf
are executed if condition is true
where:statements following up to EndIf are
executed if condition in If() are false.

where:marks end of If() statement

where:label = label variable

where:label = user defined variable for branching

where:string is parsed and used to set FileItemize()
and DirItemize() functions

where:cursortype = @ARROW, @CROSS, @IBEAM, @ICON,
(all the standard resident cursor types)

where:result = current cursor type

The File Copy command, for instance should change the cursor to
an hourglass (@WAIT) before doing the FileCopy and back to what it was
before after it is finished.. (Or better yet, a dialog box showing
progress would be nice.)

The dialog boxes with multiple filenames should list them in
an edit box (as the FileManager does) as the lists can be too big to
display on the screen all at once when you have a lot of files selected...

In addition, of course, I would like to see a cleaner "Format"
command (since unless you are running in 386 mode, DOS doesn't run in
an Window...) And I would like the print function to work with
PostScript printers...

Another goodie I would like to see added would be a screen
blanking "hot key" to immediately blank the screen and two other
"hot keys" to enable or disable blanking temporarily. (Like I have
in Fireworks)...

The clock setup should be done from a CmdPost menu, so that
whenever the clock is selected, it returns to the CmdPost menu. (I
hate it when the clock is selected and I have to Alt-Esc to CmdPost.)
Add a "Move Clock" option to allow the user to move it, "Set Clock"
to setup parameters..

If it sounds like I am complaining, I'm not, I love the new
CmdPost and it works pretty good.. These are merely suggestions for
future releases. If I think of any more additions or changes or
come up with any more bugs, I will let you know.

Command Post users feel free to use these menus and modify
them if you wish. Save your original CMDPOST.MNU, as you may want
to keep some of the options the same, but if you try my new version,
I think you will like it. Read the manual and try editing your
own version. Be aware, however, CPML is tricky! Be careful, save

If you want to contact me, call my BBS at (213) 653-6398 and
leave a comment.

--- Kim Levitt
Synergistic Enterprises

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