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Windows based recipee program, also makes shopping list.
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Windows based recipee program, also makes shopping list.
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Contents of the RECIPE.DOC file

Recipe Maker Ver. 2.1
by Nickleware


Recipe Maker is an application that was designed to help make weekly
grocery shopping, meal planning and recipe organization easier. With the
help of Recipe Maker, you will be able to plan out each meal for an entire
week, and in just minutes have a complete shopping list of items needed to
make those meals come together.
Recipe Maker allows you to enter and store all of your recipes. Once
your recipes have been stored you can recall and print any one of them in
just seconds. Recipe Maker also stores and alphabetizes all of the
different ingredients and measurements that are necessary to make your meals.


Recipe Maker is not public domain, nor is it free software. You are
granted a limited license to use this product on a trial basis. You are
also granted a license to copy Recipe Maker, along with the documentation,
for the trial use by other users. If you wish to continue using the
product, you must send $25 to:

P.O. Box 59823
Renton, Wa. 98058 USA

We encourage you to copy Recipe Maker and share it with anyone who
might be interested in making grocery shopping, meal planning and recipe
organization easier.


Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher
IBM compatible PC 286/386

Before proceeding, make sure that you have Microsoft Windows correctly
installed. Next create a directory called RECIPE and copy the Recipe Maker
software (RECIPE.EXE) into this directory. Recipe Maker is ready to be
started. Simply start Recipe Maker from the RUN... menu selection of the
Windows Program Manager or add it to a Program Manager group by following
the directions in the Windows 3.0 manual for creating a group item. Recipe
Maker will then create all of the data files it needs to run, and place
them on the same drive and path where the software was installed.

When Recipe Maker is started for the first time, the following entry
will be placed in the WIN.INI file which is probably in the same directory
where windows is installed.


This tells Recipe Maker where to find the data files. The key word
DBPath is set equal to the and full including the trailing
backslash, where the Recipe Maker data files will reside. For example:


You can change where Recipe Maker looks for the data files by simple
altering the DBPath. Then move the datafiles from the directory where they
were created to the new directory you specified in the DBPath.


The Measurements, Ingredients, and Food Group lists, are really the
heart of the Recipe Maker database. These lists act as three separate
buckets that hold all of the information necessary to put your recipes
together. Each time you enter a measurement, ingredient, or food group
into a recipe, that information is pulled out of the corresponding bucket.
This concept makes for much easier and faster recipe entry and much less
effort on your part. Each of these three lists can be selected from the
main window FILE menu.


There are several pushbutton actions that are available to you from
each of the three list windows.

ADD. Once a new item has been entered, the ADD pushbutton may be
clicked. Recipe Maker then quickly checks the list to make sure that the
new item is unique. If it is, Recipe Maker adds the item to the database.
Otherwise Recipe Maker tells you that you have entered a duplicate.

CHANGE. To change an item, highlight the item and click the SELECT
pushbutton or double click on the item with the mouse. The selected item
will appear in the edit box above the list. Edit the item and then click
on the CHANGE pushbutton. Recipe maker then checks the list to make sure
that the changed item is unique and stores it in the database.

REMOVE. To remove an item from a list, highlight it and click the
SELECT pushbutton or double click on the item with the mouse. Then choose
click on the REMOVE pushbutton. Recipe Maker then asks you to confirm the
action. Depending on your response, the action will be completed or


Some of the first entries that must be made before you begin to enter
your recipes, are the measurements. These are the different measurements
that you will use in your recipes. For example "Cup", Tablespoon", and
"Gallon" are some of the measurements that might be used.


The food group list is a simple list of the different types of
ingredients that will be entered into Recipe Maker's ingredients list.
These groups are such names as "Dairy", "Meats", or "Dry Goods". By
entering these food groups, Recipe Maker will be able to keep all of your
ingredients and shopping lists categorized, which will ultimately help
make your grocery shopping much easier and quicker.


The ingredients list is a list of all of the ingredients needed to
make your recipes. Before a recipe can be entered, all of the necessary
ingredients must be put into the ingredients list. A food group must
also be entered along with the ingredient name.


When RECIPE CARD is choosen from the main window FILE menu, Recipe
Maker will display blank recipe and instruction cards. The recipe card
consists of the recipe name and description, while the instruction card
contains the instructions, quantities, measurements, and ingredients. The
recipe name, description and instruction fields are text entry fields and
data can be typed in directly. Quantities, measurements and ingredients
are entered in the same way as described previously for a list.

Before a measurement or ingredient can be entered into a recipe, they
must first exist in the corresponding lists. As the cursor is moved between
the measurement and ingredient fields, Recipe Maker looks up the entry in
the database and displays the closest match, if one does not match exactly.

Before an entry is added to the list, each of the three fields must
contain values. There may be times when a measurement does not apply. For
example, the ingredient "eggs" will usually have a quantity but not a
measurement. In this case the word "NONE" or something similar should be
entered into the measurements list to indicate that the measurment does
not apply. The resulting recipe entry will look like this:


After a recipe has been completely entered, it can be added to the
database by clicking on the SAVE pushbutton on the RECIPE CARD window.

Updating a recipe is similar to adding a new one, except all of the
recipe information already exists on the screen. When the RECIPE CARD
window is displayed, click on the OPEN...pushbutton. Recipe Maker will
display a list of all of the recipes that currently exist in the database.
To select a recipe, simply highlight it and click on the SELECT pushbutton
or double click on the item. After a recipe has been selected, all the
data will be displayed on the recipe and instruction cards. The recipe can
then be changed and saved in the same manner as described above.

To delete a recipe, click on the OPEN... pushbutton, select a recipe,
and then click on the DELETE pushbutton. Recipe Maker will delete the

recipe from the database.

To print a recipe, click on the OPEN... pushbutton, select a recipe,
and then click on the PRINT pushbutton. Recipe Maker will format the recipe
information and print it.


The WEEKLY PLAN window allows you to plan out an entire week of meals
and have Recipe Maker compile a shopping list to match your plan. Once
this selection has been made, Recipe Maker will display a window containing
a list for each day of the week plus a miscellaneous list, and a list of
all of the recipes in the database. The way to plan out a week is to
highlight a recipe in the recipe list, and click on one of the weekday
pushbuttons. Recipe Maker will place the name of the selected recipe in
that day's list. When you have finished planning the week, click on the
CREATE LIST pushbutton. Recipe Maker will compile a list of all the
ingredients needed to make the selected recipes.

If you have just created the shopping list from the WEEKLY PLAN window,
you will most likely want to edit or add to it. After selecting the
SHOPPING LIST window, Recipe Maker will display the shopping list and give
you the option to add, change or remove any item, or print the list. You
also have the option to indicate the quantity to buy. Once the shopping
list has been edited completely, it is then ready to be printed. Turn
your printer on and click on the PRINT pushbutton. Recipe Maker will then
categorize the list by food group and print out your shopping list.


The What If... window allows you to have Recipe Maker make recipe
suggestions based on selected ingredients. For example, suppose you have
chicken and rice and would like some recipe suggestions that contain these
ingredients. Recipe Maker will quickly search through the recipe database
and give you a list of all of the recipes that contain one or both of these

When the What if... window appears, you will see two list boxes. The
first one contains all of the ingredients currently defined in the
Ingredients list. The second is the What if... list box. Ingredients can
be moved from the Ingredients list box to the What if... list box by either
highlighting a selection and clicking on the Move push button, or dragging
and dropping an ingredient from one list to the other. Ingredients can be
removed from the What if... list box in the same manner. Once all of your
selections have been moved from the Ingredients list box to the What if...
list box, click on the Suggest push button. Recipe Maker will then search
the recipe database and display a list of all of the matching recipes. A
recipe can then be selected in the same manner as described in the Recipe
and Instruction Card section.


DRAG AND DROP - Whenever an item is being transfered from one list to
another, the item may dragged and dropped. This means that an item can be
selecting with the mouse pointer, and while still holding the mouse button
down, position the mouse pointer on top of the destination entry field.
When the mouse button is released the selected item will appear in the
entry field. For example, if an ingredient is being added to a recipe, the
ingredient can be dragged and dropped from the ingredients list to the
ingredient field on the instruction card.

CLIPBOARD - The clipboard is a convenient way of transferring data
between Recipe Maker and other Windows application or between different
Recipe Maker windows. To use the clipboard functions simply highlight any
text that is displayed in an entry field, pull down the EDIT menu and
choose COPY or CUT. The COPY function will place a copy of the highlighted
text in the Windows clipboard. The CUT function also places the highlighted
text in the clipboard but also removes it from the entry field. To retrieve
text from the clipboard, place the cursor at the position inside an entry
field where the clipboard text should be inserted or appended. Then pull
down the EDIT menu and choose PASTE. The clipboard text will be placed in
the entry field at the cursor position.


The following is a list of the new features and enhancements that
have been included in version 2.0 of Recipe Maker:
o Addition of the What If... function for recipe suggestions.
o Addition of Windows 3.0 Help Manager
o Proportional system font.
o Increased capacity of Ingredients, Measurements and Food Groups list
o Printing has been improved so that recipe descriptions and
instructions will print beyond a single page.
o Dialog menus have been replaced with pushbuttons to allow for easier
o The Divide by Zero error when pulling down the Edit menu has been
o Recipe Maker is fully Windows 3.0 compatible.
o Color icons.

The following is a list of the new features and enhancements that have
been included in version 2.1 of Recipe Maker:
o Ability to print the Weekly Plan.
o WIN.INI file is updated automatically on startup.


When you have finished using Recipe Maker, you should exit via the
EXIT from the main window's FILE menu. If you forget and turn your
computer off before exiting, Recipe Maker can not guarantee that your
recipes have been saved completely. It is very important that you always
exit Recipe Maker via this selection.


Copyright (C) 1990,91 Bradley Nicholes
CompuServe: 72730,1002

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