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Outstanding, full-featured .WAV editor for Windows 3.1.
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Outstanding, full-featured .WAV editor for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the WAVEEDIT.WRI file

2U(,,-../OOOO(fB BC (
-dF)(=BITMAP@ g?
Wave Editor
-F)(>BITMAP@ g?

Wave Editor is an application that allows you to input, create, modify and analyze wave forms. Currently it works with 8 bit monaural PCM wave format files (most .wav files that you have are probably in this format). The program disk your received should contain the following:

waveedit.exe- The wave editor program.
waveedit.hlp- On-line help file.
wavefont.fon- The font used to display buttons and small icons.
waveedit.wri- This file.

In order to use the program, copy the files listed above into a directory on your hard drive. Then run the program.

This program is shareware, to register it, please send a check or money order for $20.00 to:
Keith W. Boone
114 Broward Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Registered users will receive a registered copy of the program, including any current updates and documentation.

Revision History:

Version 1.0- Initial Release

Version 1.01 - Several bug fixes and enhancements made to the program.

1.The "C Runtime Error" no longer occurs in the Polar FFT.
2.The "Samples" and "Seconds" menu selections were added to the edit menu to allow display of cursor, window, and other locations in samples or in seconds.
3.A vertical scale has been added to show normalized sample values. The scale can be turned off from "Scale" selection on the edit menu.
4.FFT data is now saved with a waveform or FFT file to rescale waveform to correct values, and to eliminate spurious "Waveform is not an FFT..." messages when saved FFT's are read back from disk.
5.Cleaned up the code that inverts the selection to eliminate stray vertical lines while making or changing a selection.
6.Added "NOISE" to the "WAVE" menu.

Version 1.02 - A few more fixes and enhancements made to the program

1."New" from the file menu does not give a "C Runtime Error" anymore.
2.An UNDO feature has been added. Major operations now save a copy of the waveform prior to updating it.
3.Cleaned up the double-click bug when the "Open" dialog box is displayed and the user double-clicks on a file to open it. This used to select part of the wave after the dialog box was displayed in V1.0.
4.WaveEdit now closes files after reading them, so SHARE does not complain about attempting to access a file that is already open.
5.Cleaned up the insertion bug with items in the "WAVE" menu.

Version 1.03 - More cleanup and new features

1.Some of the Menu have been rearranged. "Reverse", "Volume" and "Echo" now appear under the "Transorms" menu.
2.A new filter has been added. This filter produces a line segment approximation of the waveform. See the HELP file for an explanation of how it works.
3.Correct version numbers now appear in the right places.
4.The HELP file has been updated to reflect the latest changes.
5.Several minor bugs were eradicated.


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Wave Editor is an application that allows you to input, create, modify and analyz

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