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Utility to lookup area codes in Windows 3.1.

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WinArea 1.0 Nice little utility to look-up
area-codes in windows 3.1 Shareware Requires vbrun100.dll

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Utility to lookup area codes in Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the WINAREA.DOC file

WinArea is a small semi-useful utility for looking up area codes. It
was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 1.0, so you will need VBRUN100.DLL to
use it. WinArea is actually part of a much larger project. I am in the
process of writting a shareware Windows communications program that will
rival the features of commercial comm programs. If you would like to be
notified when I release the comm program, E-MAIL me or send me a letter.

I am not going to charge anything for WinArea, but if you feel it's
worth something feel free to send me a few bucks. 🙂 Anyways, if you have
any questions or problems, just write to me or E-Mail me. Also, If there
is a change an area code please let me know so I can update my program.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge
8 Liberty St.
Montpelier, VT 05602

America On-Line: JFHodge
Internet: [email protected]

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