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Decays your window -- screen saver.
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Decays your window — screen saver.
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The original idea is from the Sun workstations.
Original program/idea from David Wald (1988)

When it is time to save the screen it looks like if there is
a heat source behind the screen that makes it decay/melt.
After a while the hole screen is melted.

How to install:
Copy DECAY.SCR to your windows directory ( C:\windows )
Start the Control Panel from within the Program manager and
select 'Desktop'. In the section controlling the screen saver
you can select Ferkel with the 'Drop Down Box'.

You can set a number of options by pressing the 'Setup...' button

Time: - controls the time between animations
Melt Screen: - lets the screen melt to the bottom of the screen
and the screen will eventually be black.
Otherwise just make a mess of the screen
Password Protected - do we need to type a password to get back to windows?
Set Password: - gives a dialog box to set or change the password
About: - An about dialog box

After setting the options click the Ok button.
Then test if it all works and click on Ok.
Now Decay is active.

Decay is Public Domain so feel free to make copies.

Drop me a mail if you think there is more to be enhanced
to this screen saver. Or just for fan mail 8-).

Mario Veraart
email: [email protected]
or [email protected]

New to this version
- MSC 7.0 Compiler -> smaller executable
- Password protection
- Speed adjustable (0ms - 999 ms between animation)
- select between decay or melt screen

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