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Fileman is a small Windows 3.0 file manager. Does file copy, move, delete and rename. Also does file search and can change attributes.
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Fileman is a small Windows 3.0 file manager. Does file copy, move, delete and rename. Also does file search and can change attributes.
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Contents of the FILEMAN.TXT file

37605 160th Pl SE
Auburn, WA 98002

Compuserve: T.Dreiling [72607,3710]

FILEMAN Version 1.03

FILEMAN is a small Microsoft Windows v 3.0 file manager for copying, moving,
renaming, and deleting files. In addition, other utilities are provided,
including the ability to change file attributes, to rename or delete
subdirectories and to perform file searches. If you like FILEMAN please
register it as described below.

The main window consists of a listing of the source files and directories on the
left and the destination files/directories on the right. The type of files
displayed can be altered by changing the file specification in the edit box at
the top. The filename must include a wild card character (* or ?). Otherwise,
the default specification of *.* is used.

Moving from one directory to another is accomplished by double clicking on the
appropriate path in the path list box. Double clicking on a file name will run
the file if it is a Windows application described in your WIN.INI file under the
[Extensions] section. Actually, because the the files listbox is a multiple
selection type, the file launched is the first highlighted file in the list box.
Deselect all the other files first by clicking on [None] before choosing a file.

Center Buttons Function

[<]Copies destination path to source path.

[>]Copies source path to destination path.

[+]Swaps destination and source paths.

[Copy]Copies selected files from source to destination.

[Move]Moves selected files from source to destination (deletes the
source files).

[Option]Invokes a dialog box to change defaults such as confirmation
on file deletion, etc. The save option is not implemented
in this shareware copy of the program.

[Find]Invokes a dialog box for performing a file search.

[Help]On-line help.

[About]Application information.

[File Button][Operation]

[All]Selects all files in either the source or destination list box.

[None] Unselects the files in the associated list box.

[Ren]Invokes a dialog box to rename a the first selected file in the associated list box.

[Del]Deletes the selected files.

[Info]Invokes a dialog box to show more information about the firstselected file. This dialog also allows changing of the file attributes.

[Size]Displays the total size of all selected files.

[Directory Button][Operation]

[Make]Invokes a dialog box to make a new subdirectory.

[DelD]This button will delete the selected subdirectory if it is empty.

[RenD]Invokes a dialog box to rename the selected subdirectory.

[Free]Displays available space on the source or destination drive.

Licensing and Registration

FILEMAN is a shareware product. It may be freely copied and distributed for
evaluation as long as:

1) The program and documentation are included without modifications,

2) No charge, other than a handling fee (to be less than $5.00)
is made, and

3) Users of the program are encouraged to register their copy.

4) The following files are included:

Fileman.exe -- Program file
Fileman.hlp -- Windoews on-line help file
Fileman.txt -- this file
fileman.ord -- order form

If a copy of this program is used beyond an initial 2-week evaluation period,
the user is obligated to obtain a license for its use. A license for this
program for most users costs only $25.00. With the purchase of a license you
will receive a copy of FILEMAN with the nag-ware screens removed.

In order to purchase a shareware license, fill out the form in the file FILEMAN.ORD,
enclose it and a check, your name and address, and mail to:

37605 160th Place SE
Auburn, WA 98002

Please indicate whether you would like a 3.5" or 5.25" disk.


There are no warranties whatsoever associated with this product. Specifically,
there is no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular
purpose. It is up to the user to decide for himself if this program is useful. With
respect to defects in its programs and supporting materials and service, in no
event shall TDWare be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial
damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other
damages. Diskettes damaged during shipment will be replaced.

Product support:

If you have any problems with FILEMAN you can contact me by mail,
or on CompuServe [72607,3710]. I am also availble by phone (206) 833-7203
on most evenings (6PM to 9PM PST).

I'd also be happy to hear any comments or suggestions for improvements to the


1/15/911.0 Initial Release

3/15/911.01 Fixed bug - Moving a file from the source to destination deleted file if the source and destianation directories were the same.

3/28/91 1.02 Fixed bug - adding fileman.exe to load= area of win.ini now loads
FileMan as icon.
4/27/91 1.03 Copy and Move funtions now preserve original file time and date.

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