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A windows alarm clock.
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A windows alarm clock.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Notes about screen savers:

If you have noticed that sometimes the screen savers do not
activate while running TimeKeeper this is why. This program
automatically resizes itself to fit the current text. If
this resizing happens before the screen saver activates then
it will reset the screen saver timer (I don't understand yet
why this happens). To avoid this, select a font that does
not have to change the window size when the time changes.
Most fonts do not change size for numbers even if they are
proportional. Then the only time the clock will change size
is when you go from 12:59 to 1:00 or when the weekday changes.

I hope this solves the problem although I will not be happy
until I know why this happens.

Changes to TimeKeeper

version 1.2Now saves all info when the clock is moved.

Pester alarm will remind you to register.

Fixes bug so that ALWAYS ON TOP setting will be saved.

Fixes bug with 24 HOUR setting. It would turn off if
the seconds were on and you entered the control panel.

RUN program now only checks to see if the first word
entered is a valid file. This should allow parameters
to be passed to programs. Also eliminate a terminal
loop when an invalid path was entered.

version 1.3All alarm screens will stay ON TOP until answered.
An non-answered alarm will not stop the clock.
Multiple alarms will be show at the same time.

Faster response when dragging the clock.

version 1.4Better STAY ON TOP effect.

Now with WAVe file support on each alarm!! Windows 3.1
users only.

Now you can select how many beeps you want.

Clock can no longer be resized off the screen.

Bug Fixes:

If "On Date" option was specified for first alarm
then next time alarm button was pushed TimeKeeper
would cancel.

If alarm was entered with a 1 digit hour then alarm
wouldn't work.

Future Versions (provided I get enough registered users and requests)

Voice recording and playback for alarms!
Support for more than 9 alarms.
Recompiled in Visual Basic 2 for speed.

Remember, these changes are driven by user requests. I want this to be
the best alarm clock/scheduler it can be.

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