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Tumbling balls screen saver for Windows 3.1.
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Tumbling balls screen saver for Windows 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CTL3D.DLL 17632 8626 deflated
TUMBLE.SCR 54679 15568 deflated
TUMBLE.TXT 468 289 deflated

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Contents of the TUMBLE.TXT file

Windows 3.1 Screen Saver, By Phil Robinson

Here is a free screen saver for all to enjoy. It shows a series of
balls tumbling down your screen.

You need to make sure that ctl3d.dll is in a directory in your
path (usually c:\windows or c:\windows\system).

Thanks to: PC Magazine for pcscrlib.c
Microsoft for ctl3d.dll
Borland for Borland C++ 3.1

AOL Address: PhilRobins
Internet Address: [email protected]

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