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WinPrint allows you to print ASCII files in Windows 3.0. Allows adjustment of fonts, margins, etc.
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WinPrint allows you to print ASCII files in Windows 3.0. Allows adjustment of fonts, margins, etc.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

WINPRINT 1.32 July 2, 1990

Copyright (c) 1990, Charles E. Kindel, Jr.
All rights reserved.

Thank you for deciding to try WinPrint!

Please read this document carefully before attempting to run
WinPrint on your system.

The file WINPRINT.DOC contains the WinPrint user manual. See
below for printing instructions.


WINPRINT.EXE - WinPrint 1.32 program.
WINPRINT.DOC - WinPrint Users Manual.
README.DOC - This brief information file.
TEST.FIL - A file for testing how WinPrint works on
your printer.
ORDER.FRM - An Invoice/Registration Order form.

All of these files must be included (unaltered) with each copy
of WinPrint.


WinPrint is a commercial copyrighted program protected by both
U.S. and international copyright law. You are authorized to
use and evaluate it for a limited time without charge.

WinPrint is distributed as shareware. This allows you to
determine whether the application satisfies your needs before
you have to pay for it. WinPrint may be freely copied and
distributed for evaluation as long as the following four rules
are followed:

1) The program and this documentation are not modified in
any way, shape, or form.

2) A copy of this documentation and the files,
be provided with each copy of the program

3) No charge, other than a media and handling charge (not
to exceed $5.00), is made.
4) A user may use the program for 21 days before paying the
registration fee. If the program is used after the 21
day evaluation period, an obligation to register and pay
the registration fee is incurred.

The registration fee for WinPrint is $20 (US Dollars).
Payment of this fee entitles you to:

1) A registration number that will disable the shareware
advertisements contained within the program.

2) Free upgrade to the next major version, and reduced
rates on future upgrades.

3) Technical support via electronic mail.

See Section 1 of the manual (WINPRINT.DOC) for more
information on registering WinPrint.


WinPrint is an application for printing standard text files
out of your printer from within Windows.

An example of a standard text file is the AUTOEXEC.BAT or

WinPrint is capable of printing your files with page breaks,
headers and footers (including page numbers, file revision
date, and current date), using all of the capabilities of
Windows and your printer.

WinPrint takes full advantage of the Windows Spooler program
to allow you to get on with other work while your files print.


To install WinPrint just copy the WINPRINT.EXE file into a
directory that exists in your PATH statement.

You can start WinPrint by double clicking on the WINPRINT.EXE
file name in the MS-DOS Executive Window or by choosing
"Run..." in the MS-DOS Executive File menu.


The help system, like the rest of WinPrint, has been designed
to be easy to use yet powerful.

Most of the features of WinPrint are described in detail in
the help system.

To invoke the help system either press the F1 key or click on
the "F1=Help!" menu item.

To get help on any of the menu items provided by WinPrint,
simply select that menu item in the "WinPrint Help" window.

To get help on COMMAND LINE options, simply click on the
button labeled "Cmd Line".

To return to this information simply click on the button
labeled "General".

The documentation file, WINPRINT.DOC, may be printed by
WinPrint! The best way to do this is to use the "Factory
Default" configuration settings. Use the File...Open Setup...
menu item if "Factory Defaults" is not the current
configuration. Depending on your printer, you might have to
change the text font so that the info box at the bottom of the
WinPrint main window indicates a lines per page setting of at
least 58 and characters per page setting of at least 75.

Please send all problem reports and suggestions to:

KindlCo Software Systems
3000 118th Ave. SE, Suite A-203
Bellevue, WA 98005
CIS PPN: 71551,1455

1.32 7/1/90 Address change.

1.31 6/2/90 The Windows 3.0 libraries introduced a bug in the
margin settings dialog. This version fixes that
bug. Bumped version # to 1.3x to indicate 3.0

1.10 6/1/90 Now it is REALLY Windows 3.0 compatible. Compiled
with the Windows 3.0 libraries (still works under
2.x, though!)

1.09 5/30/90 Added new shadows.

1.04 5/16/90 Windows 3.0 compatible. (not really)

1.02 3/24/90 /go was not working.

1.01 3/20/90 Fixed bug where an invalid configuration name on
the command line caused all sorts of trouble.
Fixed problem with /GO and no files specified.
Print selected list box select bar now stays on
last filename selected. Documentation updated and

1.00 3/8/90 First version.

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