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LI is a Windows 3.0 file viewer/finder/deleter/launcher.

Full Description of File

LI version 1.32
Shareware Windows file utility to view
(text/hex), find, grep, launch, print,
edit, delete files. String search in text,
hex, with AND, OR, NOT. MDI. Online help.
Win 3.1 drag & drop target. Button bar.
Clipboard support. User config. color,
font, tab stop. Dir windows similar to
Win 3.1 file manager.

File LI132.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Windows 3.X Files
LI is a Windows 3.0 file viewer/finder/deleter/launcher.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 329 239 deflated
LI.EXE 312320 126031 deflated
LI.HLP 78022 35121 deflated
LI.TXT 923 542 deflated
LICHGS.TXT 8401 3278 deflated
LIFAQ.TXT 1734 888 deflated
LIREG.TXT 1289 525 deflated
VGA128.FON 10752 2754 deflated

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Contents of the LI.TXT file

LI version 1.32; 28 Mar, 1993
Copyright Jeff Lundblad, 1991-93

LI is a Windows 3.x file viewer/finder/editor/deleter/launcher/printer. The
basic operation of the program is designed to be easy for the moderately
experienced Windows user.

Details of the capabilities of LI are available through the Help
menu. The LI.WRI Windows Write file documentation is provided when you
register the program.

LI is shareware and may be distributed to others as long as all files
are included and no charge is made other than media charges.

Feel free to use LI on a 30 day trial basis. If you find the program
of value and/or continue to use it after 30 days, please register by
sending in payment with the registration form found in the LIREG.TXT file
and in the help system under "Registration:Registration form".

Third Millennium Technologies
P.O. Box 852382
Mesquite TX 75185
Compuserve 73537,1203

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