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Date and address book for Windows.
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Date and address book for Windows.
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BOOK.EXE 188160 88641 deflated
BOOKFILE.DIC 617 352 deflated
DIAL.EXE 72512 36260 deflated
DIALER.CDS 8178 1976 deflated
ENVELOPE.DLL 54720 25361 deflated
ENVELOPE.OPT 6982 727 deflated
FILES.LST 2565 736 deflated
FIRM.MOV 162 101 deflated
HOME.MOV 166 94 deflated
IMPORT.EXE 99360 36715 deflated
MISC1.MOV 14 14 stored
MISC2.MOV 85 63 deflated
NAMES.TBL 3527 1438 deflated
README.WRI 7552 3142 deflated
README1.TXT 1458 719 deflated
SENATE.TXT 7911 2799 deflated

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Contents of the README.WRI file

13889::;DeskTop Set Jr. Release Notes

Why DeskTop Set Jr. is distributed free

We don't have resources to "out-market" major commercial software publishers, but we can "out-smart" and "out-design" them. The DeskTop Set's Jr. Phone Book, Calendar and Dialer are more functional and useful than similar tools from the programs such as Lotus Organizer, Ascend, Act!, etc., that range in price from $99 to $495.

This release of DeskTop Set Jr. is similar to DeskTop Set 3.0 - the program that has won all major editorial contests - PC Magazine's Editors' Choice, PC World's Best Buy (twice), highest rating among the PIMs reviewed by PC Week, Best Windows Utility and Expert Choice awards from PC World, etc. (The calendar module is more extensive.)

It is less expensive for Okna to introduce you to our products by distributing DeskTop Set Jr. free of charge than to brag about its virtues in the commercial press at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars per month.

The enclosed spreadsheet (*.xls 3.0 format) compares DeskTop Set 4.0 with the competing products. Please review this eye-popping chart. It cannot, however, convey or compare the ease-of-use and the attractiveness of the respective products. And this is why we are glad that you have DeskTop Set Jr. to judge for yourself.

The comparative chart also illustrates the differences between DeskTop Set Jr. and DeskTop Set 4.0.

We don't see the shareware publishing as a viable development path for the "mission-critical" products such as DeskTop Set. Therefore, we don't wish to inconvenience you with the "registration fees" requests or be thought of as a shareware publisher.

About half of our registered clients have upgraded from the DeskTop Set's version 3.0 to 4.0. This is 20% to 30% above the industry average and a good indication of the program's usefulness. There are no reasons to doubt that many of you would wish to step-up from the Jr. to the Sr. edition.

Calling Okna for help

Regretfully, we cannot provide any kind of technical support to the users of DeskTop Set Jr. because it is distributed free and in the quantities out of proportion with the size of our support team. The extensive on-line help and the summary of the most frequently asked questions are enclosed. The programs are time-tested and bug-free. In the unlikely event that you'll find a bug, please report it to us either by fax or CompuServe.

Using on-line help.

The on-line help manual supplied with this release is a complete, unabridged version of the on-line manual for the DeskTop Set's 4.0 commercial release. Don't be surprised when you see a reference to the feature that you don't have. The on-line manual is the best source of information about the complete product.

How to order DeskTop Set 4.0

DeskTop Set 4.0 Professional Edition is available directly from Okna for $89.00. (Suggested Retail Price is $195).

Please click the Order & Registration icon or select the Help/Order DeskTop Set... command to open the order form. Please complete this form and fax it to us at 201-909-0688 or mail it to the address on the form. You don't have to register when ordering the software for yourself.

How to Register

We encourage you to register your name and address with us even if you don't wish to purchase the DeskTop Set's commercial release at this time. You don't have to send any money with your registration.

About Okna.

The name "Okna" means "Windows" in Russian. DeskTop Set has been designed and programmed by Konstantin Monastyrsky, Okna's founder. Mr. Monastyrsky emigrated to the U.S.A. from the U.S.S.R. in 1978. DeskTop Set is dedicated to the hard-working and freedom-loving citizens of the U.S.A. who have made it all possible.

File compatibility

All data files that are generated by DeskTop Set Jr. are 100% compatible with the commercial version.

Adobe Type Manager

The presence of Adobe Type Manager may distort DeskTop Set's appearance. Please edit ATM.INI file to indicate in [Synonyms] and [Aliases] sections that Helv=MS Sans Serif. You must restart Windows to enable the changes. You may also review the Advisor's General Problems/Programs are the wrong size... section.


The DeskTop Set's Phone Book uses Novell's Btrieve database engine to store the records. Btrieve may be slow when adding or saving records with some Smartdrive's versions, and almost instantaneous with others. The fast version is included with the commercial release.


As long as you can dial the number using Cardfile (the program that comes with Windows, press F5 key), you can dial it with DeskTop Set. If Cardfile does not work, please contact Microsoft Corp. for assistance. Make sure that the port and baud rate are set identically in both programs.

Note to the shareware distributors

Feel free to distribute DeskTop Set Jr. as long as you do not charge any fee for the program. Please indicate in your promotional materials that DeskTop Set Jr. does not require registration fee.

Copying DeskTop Set Jr.

We encourage you to pass DeskTop Set Jr. to your friends and associates. It can also be ordered from Okna on the diskette for $15 shipping and handling charge by mail only.

Bulletin Board distribution files

To download the complete release of DeskTop Set Jr. you need the following files:

DTOKNA.ZIPBase file. Contains all libraries and install program. Must have.

DTBOOK.ZIPThe Phone Book, Import and Dialer programs and support files. Optional.

DTCAL.ZIPThe Calendar program and support files. Optional. The Calendar program requires 386 or higher PC and Windows running in the Enhanced mode. Not compatible with 286 PCs. If you are getting the message "Insufficient memory to run this program", you are in Standard mode. Please contact Microsoft Corp. for assistance.

DTHELP.ZIPThe DeskTop Set's 4.0 on-line manual. Optional.

January 15, 1992
Paramus, New Jersey
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Tf=02";)se the DeskTop Set's commOPime. You don't have to send any money with your registration.

About Okna.

The name "Okna" means "W Arialssian. DeskTop Set has been designed and programmed by Konstantin Monastyrsky, Okna's founder. Mr. Monastyrsky emi

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