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A reminder program for Windows. Needs VBRUN100.DLL.
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A reminder program for Windows. Needs VBRUN100.DLL.
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A Free Program from:

1472 Sixth Street
Los Osos, CA 93402
OsoSoft BBS: (805) 518-3753
300-2400 bps, 8/N/1


Nagger helps you help yourself. Using proven psychological techniques it displays a message you create at random intervals while you work. You control every message, its font, color, and timing. Why would you want to do this?

First, we all need reminders now and then. Nagger is like a string tied around your finger. You can remind yourself to quit smoking, to take a break from work now and then, to relax your shoulders, if you have shoulder pain. You can even remind yourself of phone calls you need to make, but that don't require a specific schedule.

Use Nagger whenever you need an occasional reminder of just about anything. You can make the message automatic or create a new one every day. You can even change the message at any time. You're in control of Nagger...Nagger's never in control of you.

Nagger isn't a subliminal program. Its message stays on your screen for about a second. You actually read it, since it pops up over your current application. Once you've read it, the message disappears, letting you get back to your work with no further input.


Nagger requires Windows 3.1 or a later version, plus a computer capable of running Windows. A Mouse is highly recommended. Nagger also requires VBRUN100.DLL, the run-time library for Microsoft Visual Basic 1.0. That file is not included with this program, but may be obtained wherever you obtained this program. Since you need only one copy of the file to run all Visual Basic programs, it would waste too much downloading time to include the 200+K file here. You can also download the file as VBRUN100.ZIP on the OsoSoft BBS, described above.


Nagger is free. You may use it in any way you want, but you may not sell it. Nagger is a product of OsoSoft, and is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. You may distribute the program freely on BBS systems and in Shareware catalogs, but only if you include all documentation files.

OsoSoft publishes several other programs, both free and shareware. Most shareware programs from OsoSoft cost just $15 for full registration. You'll find full information on these products in the Help//OsoSoft Info and Orders menu command in Nagger.


To install Nagger, copy NAGGER.EXE into your Windows directory or into a directory of its own. Nagger requires that VBRUN100.DLL be copied into your Windows Directory, if it is not already there.

Now, start Program Manager, click in the program group where you want to install Nagger, then give the File/New command in Program Manager. Click OK.

In the Dialog Box, type Nagger, press , then type the path and filename for NAGGER.EXE. Your entry should look like this:


Naturally, you'll substitute your own directory information, including the directory where you stored NAGGER.EXE. You'll find the Nagger icon in the program group selected when you started installation.

Now, press , then enter the same path you used before in the Working Directory field. Don't include the trailing backslash.

When you're done, click OK to add the icon to the Program Manager group. You may have to scroll down in the group to find the icon. Move it where you want it and installation is complete.


To start Nagger, just double-click its icon. The first time you run Nagger, you'll see its Control Panel window. Here, you can type in a message in the message box. The font size is fixed at 18 points. Make sure your message fits in the message area, or it won't all show later.

You can choose a font for your message. Just click on the font you want in the Fonts: list. You'll see the message in the font you select.

You can also choose a color. Just click on the color you want, and check it in the Message: box.

Next, you'll want to choose a delay time. Times are in minutes, but are randomized. What thea means is that your message will appear sometime during the interval you set. Nagger uses randomized intervals since that is the most effective way to receive reminders.

If you want to make this message the default, just click the Save button. From then on, Nagger will automatically start with the message you entered, in the font and color you chose, and at the interval you selected. You won't see the Control Panel when you start Nagger if you save its configuration.

To activate Nagger, click the OK button or press . If you don't want Nagger activated, just click the Exit button or press . Now, as you work in Windows, Nagger will pop up its message for about a second at random intervals, according to the interval you set.


You can change your message, font, color, or delay time anytime Nagger is running. Just double-click on the Nagger Control Panel icon. Make your changes, saving them if you desire. When you're ready, click OK or press . To disable Nagger, click the Exit button or press .


Anytime Nagger is running, you can double-click the Nagger Control Panel icon, then click the Exit button or press once the control panel window is visible. To restart, you'll need to double-click the Nagger icon in the Program Manager.


You'll see a Help menu on the Control Panel window. The About command tells you about Nagger. The Ososoft Info and Ordering command pops up a windows which gives you information about other OsoSoft products. You can also use this menu to order any OsoSoft product which appeals to you. I hope you'll try out some of my other programs. You can always download the latest versions for trial on the OsoSoft BBS.


If you run Nagger, then use a DOS program under Windows, Nagger will still work, but it will switch automatically from the DOS program back to Windows to display its message. Your DOS program will appear as an icon at the bottom of the screen. Once the message is gone, you can double-click the DOS program's icon to return to work. If you'll be using the DOS program for some time, or don't wish to be interrupted, just disable Nagger, as described above, before starting a DOS session.


If you wish, you can run Nagger automatically each time you start Windows. To do this, first save a configuration from the Control Panel. Then, you need to edit your WIN.INI file with Notepad or another text editor. Look for a line that starts, RUN=. If it exists, add a semicolon to the end of the line, followed by Nagger's path and filename. If the RUN= line doesn't exist, add it. The finished result will look like this:


Naturally, you'll substitute your own path information.

Installed this way, Nagger will start and run, giving you your message without any further input. Remember, though: you can change the message any time. Just see the instructions above.


Thanks for trying Nagger. I hope it will be useful to you and hope, too, that if you like it, you'll try other OsoSoft programs. Be sure and call the OsoSoft BBS for the latest versions! You'll also find all OsoSoft programs on CompuServe, in the WINADV and IBMHW forums. Also available on EXECPC.

Program and documentation Copyright, 1992 by OsoSoft

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yyyy*y,yyyyy&y(yWyYy. If you don't want Nagger activated, just click the Exit button or press . Now, as you work in Windows, N

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